August 18, 2007

Very Nice Day~

It's a bit chilly, but I love it!! The sun is hot, but there's a breeze to keep you from getting too hot. Perfect day! We got up bright and early and went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Lex had such a good time and he was so well behaved. Usually he wants to get down and run around, but not today, thank God!! LOL!! I love all the stuff they sell there. All their Fall and Halloween things are out, so I picked up a few things. I got a cute pumpkin wind chime and some scarecrow things. I love scarecrows!!! I can't wait to put everything out in our yard this year. I'm so ready for Fall now!!~

I'm going to go take some pictures of my flowers and stuff. Yes, I finally got a battery for my camera!! YAY!!!!~


August 17, 2007


There is a girl in my PR on JM that just found out she's pregnant, but since she's been BF and just weaned her son, she hasn't had a period, so she could be very far along. She posted that she feels a pretty good sized belly bump. WOW! That's insane!! I can't wait to find out how far along she is!!!! SO EXCITING!!~ hubby is home, so it's baby making time!!~

August 13, 2007


We're going to go pick out some paint for the spare bedroom and start moving Lex in. This room will be all his and the computer will be in the office. I just want Lex's room to finally be done and the house to be in order. I really does take forever to get everything exactly the way you want it. :/


August 12, 2007


Was a really nice day. Kevin and I talked a lot about what we were going to do when baby #3 gets here and how we hope he/she sleeps better than Lex. Don't get me wrong, he sleeps great, but he's going through this phase of needing Mommy and Daddy to be in the room while he's sleeping at night. Naps are no problem at all, the boy sleeps for hours! I tell Kevin that he spoils him, holds him too much........then Kevin looks at me and just sort of shakes his head, because he knows......I'm really to blame for that as well. I look at it this day my children will not want me to hold them, they'll want to run free, and when that day comes, I want to be able to let go with a smile on my face because I know that I've held him as much as his little heart desired.♥