March 20, 2013


It's one of those days where nothing is going right. Dogs are sick, Lex is begging to stay home because he hates school, Lo is being very needy and it's the first day of Spring and we're covered in snow. I need sunshine, quiet, more cleaning materials and healthy dogs. I am trying to look forward to the happier days that I know are coming, but it's hard when everything piles on top of you at once. So what I am going to do is this, get off the computer, clean my house, give my dogs some medicine to help with the out of control diarrhea, give Lo some school work to do and then sit down and regroup while I fold laundry. Let's hope this day gets better and not worse.


March 18, 2013

Saving Money........

Picture from Camp Wander blog where you can grab the recipes for all sorts of goodies :)

I've had it with buying things that I can make myself. I started with cleaners. I stopped buying them! I make my own with vinegar and Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds. Works wonderfully, too, I might add. Now, on to detergents. I did the math (not really) and I can save myself a ton of money by making my own. I spend at least $40 a month in detergents alone. That's dishwasher and laundry detergents. I just spent $30 at Walmart on supplies to make my own, and it should last me a year. I will keep tabs on that and let you know exactly how long it lasts. I'm hoping this works out well. I have three elderly dogs and I'm doing laundry every damn day!! I'm not even kidding. Puke towels, pee towels, cleaning's tiring, and expensive. If I had been smart I would have had them put in the divorce papers that my ex pay for the laundry! It's mostly the two older dogs who he had before we met that are making the messes. Getting old sucks.

So here I am, sitting in the kitchen, blogging, making my own soap and I can't help but feel like I should be singing Kumbaya or something like that. Seriously! Who am I?! ;)


March 16, 2013

Blah, Blah, Blah....

Let the spewing begin!!! We are still looking for a new place to live, no luck yet though. Very hard to find a place that will take three dogs. I refuse to let my ex put them in a shelter. One thing I regret about the divorce, not making him agree to actually taking the dogs to live with him. He was crafty though and put that he would take responsibility for them. -_- So yeah, I'm going to keep looking. They deserve to live out the rest of their lives in a home, with us, family. :)

We are hoping to find a place far away from where we are now, preferably in a town with a better school system. Don't even get me started on that. Lex is having a hard time, the teenager is having a hard time and no one seems to know what the Hell is going on. I want so badly to pull Lex from school and homeschooling him myself. Yes, it's that bad. I know I could do a better job, but taking him out of school and away from his friends at the almost end of the year seems unfair. He may like it, who knows! Lo is looking forward to kindergarten. We've been doing our own learning here and out and about. I signed her up with and she loves it. :) I'm teaching her the alphabet, numbers, shapes and we're working on fine motor skills. We'll see where she's at when they do kindergarten screening.

I think I may have my plate almost full at the moment. I'm keeping myself busy with several projects. One is, of course, working at the store more just waiting on Boss Lady's baby. Any day now. :) The second is my photography. I got my website up and running, Now I'm selling Arbonne. I've been using it for a few years now and I love their products. I have gotten a few friends hooked on it already, so I might as well sell it.

I'm currently obsessed with pallets. Palletspalletspallets!!!!! I have two outside just waiting for my loving hands to make them in to something beautiful. Just waiting for this snow to melt and some warm weather. I feel like I will never be warm again. -_- I am so done with winter.


March 1, 2013


Todd and I want to move. We want a place that is just ours. We can start fresh! We need this. And also, we need a bedroom with a door. The kids share the upstairs with us, but it's an old attic with a small room with a door to the kids' room. We had to get creative and hand bells on the doors and we turn the monitor on....just in case. I don't want to traumatize my children by having them walk in on us, you know, making whoopie or whatever you call it when you're a grownup. So yeah, the hunt is on!! We're thinking of renting a crappy 3 bedroom apartment for a few years then buying a house. I want a farm. I want/need/gotta have chickens. And lots of them. I wonder if Polish chickens lay good eggs. I'm going to have to google that! Ok, just googled it and apparently they do, just not regularly. And also, there's a whole message board dedicated to Polish chickens. Unbelievable. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is a Polish chicken.....

That thing is stylin'!!! Lex loves this picture. :) 

So yeah, life is good, busy, hectic and fun. We're doin' alright :)