August 28, 2009

Day #9 Of Early Intervention

I can't believe I forgot to post last week!!!! WTH?!?! Anyway. Lola was being Lola and refusing to let anyone touch her. She clung to me like a spider monkey. LOL!! Patti came back to see how Lola was doing with eating and trying new things. Totally wasted that poor woman's time because a few days after she left Lola was eating nothing but REAL food. No more formula and no more baby food. Big relief!!! Since we're going to be on vacation next week I told Paula I'd call when I got back and we'll start new sessions ASAP. I'm hoping to get afternoon appointments so Kevin can take Lex. We can't get anything done with Mr. I Want To Be The Center Of Attention. LOL!!! So yeah, not a good day for Lola but we will keep on keepin' on!!!

August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

August 21, 2009

Yet ANOTHER Milestone!!

Lola pulled herself up on the couch and stood there playing with her toys. :D I can see it already.....Lola walking BEFORE Thanksgiving. :) Then I'm REALLY going to be in trouble. LOL! That's fine by me. We're already done with formula and Lex is really taking off with the potty training, so soon I'll have no more babies in my house. ((sigh)) I can't lie, I won't miss it one bit. I am done with the baby phase. I am very happy/content with my 3 wonderful children and I wanna keep it that way. So yeah....GO LOLA!!!! HAH!!

August 20, 2009

Good Bye Formula....

And I don't EVER want to see your ugly face again!!!!! HAH!! That's right, she's done. She has been eating more solids and less bottles, so I just said $@#% it, you're getting milk from now on. The last thing we need is Lola gaining even MORE weight from formula AND food. LOL!! So we're done. And I will never buy formula ever again. I am DONE with the baby phase. No matter WHAT my hormones say........I. Am. Done. :) YAY!!!

August 18, 2009

Big Things Happening!!

WELL!! This morning Miss. Lola had the BIGGEST poop EVER.....and it wasn't hard!!!!!! YAY!! That probably has something to do with the fact that she is eating more and more table foods!! MORE YAY!!!!!! Last night she ate 5 red kidney beans, rice pilaf and chicken. Now, to some people that seems normal.....not for Lola. She just started eating on her own. It's amazing. I never thought we'd be rid of formula/milk bottles. Yesterday she only had 2!!! O_O I am THRILLED!!!! This morning she ate breakfast in her highchair and fed herself. My baby is FINALLY starting to grow up!!!!!

Water Babies.....

All my kids are water babies. I could sit them in a pool of water and they'd stay there all day if I let them. I think ALL kids love to play in the water, but Lola is kinda ridiculous. When we took them to CoCo Key I just sat her in the water and let her play with a few toys. At one point I HAD to go to the bathroom so I picked her up to take her to Kevin. You would have thought I'd tried to kill her. She threw the biggest fit!!!! Shaking her entire body, tensing up and TRYING to get down!! Hilarious. For some reason, we think Lola's fits are cute. :D Anyway. So the past few days have been so beautiful!!! We've been outside all day everyday playing in the water. It's been really nice. I can't wait to get to the beach!!!! There is no time to go this week, but hopefully we'll get there this weekend. I'm hoping Lola has a better experience t his time. Last time we took her she was NOT a happy camper. LOL!!

And as promised, the new Briar Claire hat I bought for Lola.....

August 17, 2009

Getting Better....

Lex is getting much better with Lola He still has his moments, but for the most part he's sharing better, more caring and very protective of her. It's cute and sometimes a little scary. There was a bug on the floor near her and Lex dragged her away to save her" from the bug. LOL!!!!!! She was not happy, but he felt like a Hero. :D He does things like that trying to help only to really piss her off. LOL!! At least he's trying!!!! Right? She already looks at him like he's the best thing ever.........until he takes a toy or pushes her over. We went to CoCo Key yesterday and a little boy splashed her in the face. Lex came over and was trying to wipe the water off. So cute!!!!!!!! So yeah....he's getting MUCH better!!!!! WHEW!

August 13, 2009

Teething REALLY Sucks!!

I'd have 12 kids if they didn't have to teethe. I'm dead serious. I can do anything, I can handle anything, but a baby that is teething is pure Hell to me. The constant needing to be held (not easy when your "baby" is the size of a 2 year old), constant crying/whining, waking up multiple times a night and then getting up WAY too early!!! I just hate it. I'm just thankful that it seems to be almost over for now. Two more teeth have cut through and it looks like the rest will follow pretty quickly.......I hope. o_O Lola is napping right now. She woke up at midnight, 4 and then was up for good at 6. x_x I'm beat!!!! She has been crying/whining all morning and eat a LOT!!! Throw in one busy/talkative/needy/whiny 3 year old and it makes for a very loooooooong morning. Blah! I'm just glad I have some peace and quiet now while she naps and he's playing quietly. I'm sure it wont last, so I'll go get a few things done as quickly as possible.

August 12, 2009


Lola's new hat came today!! She looks so pretty!! I love it. I took a few pictures, but she was pissed off at the time, so I'll take more later when she's happy. :) It looked good on Lex, too!! LOL!!!

August 11, 2009

Day #8 Of Early Intervention

Today went very well!!! Lola showed off some of her new moves.....pulling up, getting on all fours and reaching and mimicking words Paula would say to her. She said "car", "no" & "yay"!! Woot Woot!!!!!!!!! She actually pulled up on th couch to get some toys down and Paula was very impressed and thinks she'll graduate early. :D Now, if only Lex would behave during the sessions. -_- He was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! I almost lost my temper a few times. He hates it when Lola gets attention and he doesn't, so he acts out. -_- I'm thinking we may move the appointments to Wednesday afternoons so Lex can be gone. :) He was just so bad today, I can't do another day like that. ((sigh)) Boys. LOL!!

August 6, 2009

Another Boston Appointment

We will be going to Boston a lot for her Hemangioma appointments! Today was at the Laser Treatment Center. We were late, of course, but they still saw us because "Lola is just too cute"! I swear....we were 30 minutes late, but they took us anyway. Apparently I have to leave 2 hours early just to get there thanks to idiot drivers and talkative toll collectors. -_- Anyway. It went well. They will submit the paper work to our insurance company and we're hoping they will approve the laser treatment!! Since it bleeds a lot, I'm sure they will. I hope!!!!! So please, keep your fingers crossed!!!!!

August 5, 2009

Hats, Hats And Even More Hats!!

I just bought this for Miss. Lola........

I love it!! I'm going to buy her a few more. I love the white one, the pink one and the red one. Adorable!! I just hope she keeps them on! LOL!!

August 4, 2009

Day #7 Of Early Intervention

Today was GREAT!!! Lola, of course, started doing things I've NEVER seen her do. She got on her knees, fed herself tiny pieces of crackers, got on all fours, pulled herself up using my necklace and did it the "right" way. LOL!! They think her eating will improve just as quickly as the rest of her. I have to start weaning her off of the baby food and feed her more "real" food. She ate a whole muffin top yesterday all by herself. She made a HUGE mess but she ate more than she got on her, which is great!!!! LOL!!! So the OT will be coming back again in 2 weeks after leaving me with some instructions on how to get her to eat more and try different things, but she said that Lola seems to be getting right to where she needs to be. :D Fantastic!!! Very exciting news. And Lola was WONDERFUL the ENTIRE time. It was great. So all in all a very good session. :D