July 29, 2014

Is It Time For School Yet???

This past week has been tough. The kids have been fighting a lot, not listening and refusing to do any Summer Reading. It's all wearing on me. I'm exhausted from their late nights, I'm exhausted from getting up early, I'm exhausted from working more, I'm exhausted from being exhausted. I know that I cannot let one week do me in, I need to focus and remember that these moments with my children will be gone, they will grow up and not be little anymore and I will miss it. But God it is so hard!!!! Especially when the very first thing every single morning out of my son's mouth is "Can I have the computer?" NO!!! You can't!! Go read a book, or play with the $100 worth of Legos that I bought so they WON'T ask for the computer or say that they're bored. Yes, it's been that bad of a week. This week is going to be worse because I'm working every single day except Thursday. Great for my paycheck, but tough on my nerves and body. Lifting 30+ pounds of dog food 30 times a day will wear anyone down. I think I need a vacation. Or at least 48 hours of sleep. I'll take either one at this point. When I have weeks like this past week, when I've been up early, cleaning, taking care of pets and kids, then go to work and work my butt off, then go home to my third shift, I'm a wreck. And I swear to God if I hear one more stay-at-home mom say how tough her life is, I will smack her in the face. Toots, you've got it MADE!!! I used to be a stay-at-home Mom, and yes, it was tough, but not nearly as tough as this is.

So yes, today I am looking forward to the first day of school, but that won't last. It's just another bad week and this too shall pass.


July 17, 2014

Summer = Lazy

I'm lazy, and it's all kid's fault. It's hot out, which makes everything slow, my kids sleep in, I sleep in, all they want to do is cuddle, read books, go to the lake and have movie night every night. They are not making it easy. I had plans this summer, big plans. Day trips, library trips, visiting friends and so on. Most days we aren't even up before 9am. Don't even get me started on Lex. He sleeps so late, that by time he gets up it's lunch time. He likes to stay up and watch MythBusters or Finding Bigfoot or science videos. I get a bit concerned when the first thing he asks me for when he wakes up is dry ice. My little mad scientist. This week I want to take them blueberry picking. Lex loves blueberries!! I buy a container and it's usually gone before we even get home. So I thought I'd take him to pick his own, and lug Lo with us. She is not an outdoors kinda girl. :)

I have started making them do their math work and summer reading in the evenings or first thing in the morning. Lo is doing great with her math! Lex? Not so much. He makes everything way harder than it needs to be. Just like his Mother. I have to admit, I am not looking forward to the new school year. I'm really enjoying our long nights, late mornings and carefree living. Wanna go to the lake? SURE! I want to go catch fireflies? YES!!! Wanna stay in your pjs all day? YOU BET!! I need to win the lottery so I can stay home and homeschool my kids. :D


July 11, 2014


40. 40. 40! 40!!!!!!!! My birthday is next week, and yes, I will be 40. I feel so.....grown. Almost like I know everything, but I'm still learning. I don't feel "40", and I don't think I look "40", which is a good thing. ;) My kids are super excited for my birthday. Although, at first Lo wasn't so excited. She had asked me how old I was going to be, and when I said 40 she gasped, covered her mouth and walked away. A few minutes later she came to me in tears saying "I don't want you to be 40, it's so close to 100 and you're going to die soon!!". Poor little Lo!!! :( After I explained to her that I was not that old and I wasn't going to die soon, she felt better. I didn't though. I kinda felt really old after that. LOL!! I'm over it now though. The toughest thing about turning 40 is getting my license renewed and probably getting a new picture. I love my picture and I don't want to change it. :/ If that is all I have to worry about, then I guess I'm doing pretty damn good! :D