September 30, 2009

First Burn Accident

Lex and I were making waffles and he was in his usual spot, standing on the bottom drawer. My cup of very hot tea was right next to him and he accidently knocked it over and it spilled all over him. He was screaming, I was crying and trying to rip his clothes off, which was really fucking hot!! The I grabbed a towel and soaked it with cold water and tried as best as I could to cool the effected area down. Luckily I ice bags in the freezer along with cold rags so I grabbed them and put them on him as well. He was actually apologizing!! He was crying and saying...."I sorry I spilled your tea, Momma, please be happy." but he was saying it in a frantic voice and I just lost it. I cried even harder and held him close and told him I was sorry, it was my fault, not his! I sat there holding him and cold wet rags for about 10 minutes just telling him it was going to be ok and I was not angry with him. I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I have never felt so awful in my entire life. He's fine, but the doctor wants to see him just to be safe. There is one spot that is still very red despite my efforts to keep it from getting worse. No blisters though, which is good. I just fell like total shit now. My tea stays on the stove from now on and Lex far away from it!!

September 29, 2009

"I Wanna Poop On The Grass!!"

No, not me, my son. We are still potty training, (no I haven't given up yet!) and yesterday was a good day to be outside, so I let him run around with no undies or diaper on, just shorts and he did great all day, that is up until he had to poop. -_- When we're outside I just let him pee on the grass, and I told him that where ever he pees the flowers will grow. I KNOW!! Horrible!!! But when you have a 1 1/2 year old who can't walk and his bathroom is upstairs and he can't wait, what do you do?! Let him pee outside!!!! :) He's learning to not go in his pants, which is the point, right? He hasn't done this anywhere but our house..........yet. Let's just hope he never does!! Anyway!! We're outside and he's playing and having fun, when all of a sudden he says..."I gotta pee" and proceeds to whip it out and pee. GREAT JOB!!!! 5 minutes later I hear him mumble....."I'm gonna poop on the grass to make the flowers grow" O_O!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! I rush over and  ask him to please NOT poop on the grass. Well then all Hell breaks loose! He refuses to go upstairs, he wants to do it outside, he doesn't want to!! All the while the boy has his pants down and he squatting getting ready to just GO ON THE GRASS!! I couldn't think of anything other than..."HEY! If you go on the potty, I'll give you a treat!!!" Well that worked great! He pulled his pants up and ran upstairs. THANK GAWD!! Treats don't work for peeing in the potty with him for some reason, he just refuses to do it. -_-

Yesterday was a huge milestone for us. He went without a diaper all day, mostly, he only peed outside twice and twice inside on the potty and he pooped on the potty, not on the grass and no accidents! It's going to be another nice day today, so I'm thinking we'll do the same thing today as we did yesterday. Give him a bath and just let him wear shorts. The funny thing is, when I told him that if he pees on the grass the flowers will grow. So he's been going to the same spot every time and always looks for flowers when we're outside. No flowers yet, but there is some really nice ivy growing up. I told my hubby that I'm going to uproot it, replant it in a pot and call it Lex's Pee Plant and hang it in the bathroom upstairs. :) NICE!!

September 28, 2009

If It's In A Box, Is It Still Considered "Homemade"?

I'm a little fuzzy on this, cause when I was growing up my Grandmother made everything "homemade" or from scratch, no boxes. But nowadays when I bake brownies or cookies from a bag or box everyone always says..."I LOOOOOVE homemade cookies/brownies!!!", but are they really homemade? I mean, really, come on! No, they are not! Homemade is made from scratch, right? Or maybe not. Maybe it's just made "at home" and therefore considered "homemade". I'm no professional baker/chef, but I do like to cook and bake....A LOT!! When I make pancakes I use Bisquick, that stuff is soooo good!! I have tried making my own pancakes from scratch but they don't taste as good. I've tried adding vanilla, buckwheat and all sorts of things, but I can't get them as good as Bisquick, so now I just use that and add all the other stuff to it. The kids LOVE my pancakes. It's also good for making fried chicken. YUMM!! I make cakes, bread, cookies, pasta sauce and pasta from scratch.......sometimes, it all depends on how much time I have. In the Winter all I do is cook. It's amazing I don't weigh 300+ pounds!!! HAH!

So I cook, a lot, and some of it is from scratch and some of it is from the box/bag but in the end what is important is that I do cook for my family. I try to make healthy foods, I sneak in veggies where ever I can, I use mostly fresh veggies and fruits that I buy from our local farmer's market and I buy organic when I can. I'm no Betty Crocker, but by golly I sure do try!!!!!!! :D

September 25, 2009

Maybe Insurance Doesn't Suck After All!!!

We finally got the letter in the mail that our insurance will be covering Lola's laser treatment!!! If you're new here then you'll need a little background. Lola was born with a Compound Hemangioma on her left cheek, they're commonly called "Strawberries" because that's sorta what they look like. Here is what hers looks like.....

It's a little bigger now and the part that is under the skin extends to her left ear. It really didn't bother me at first, until it started bleeding. I'm not talking about little trickles....I'm talking about blood squirting across the room and LOTS of it!!! We've had a few scares where we couldn't get it to stop bleeding and had to take her to the ER. Thankfully it stopped on it's own almost 90 minutes later. So yeah....lots of blood. She was being seen by one of the "top pediatric dermatologist" in our area. Don't get me wrong, the lady was nice and all but she didn't even want to think about treating Lola with laser until she was 5!! Lady, WTF?! Have you been to school? Don't you know what she will have to go through?! Apparently she didn't give a fuck, so I took matters into my own hands and got shit done. I found the REAL experts who are in Boston and who have monthly clinics where they evaluate patients and take on the "worst cases", Lola is considered a worst case, thankfully. They then referred me to the nice lady who would be doing the laser treatment. WONDERFUL woman!! They thought that our insurance might give them a hard time, but they didn't! YAY! So yeah.....I'm one happy Momma!! And Lola is as happy as ever.....

My Son.......

Would be gorgeous if he were a girl.....


But he isn't, despite what people think......


He's ALL boy & loves to play in the dirt........


And also loves to streak the yard.......


Just to remind everyone that he is INDEED a boy!!!!! LOL!!

September 24, 2009

Potty Training Blues

My son is so strong willed that if he doesn't want to do something, he isn't going to do it. Potty training is one of them. He is almost fully trained to go #2 in the potty, but he refuses to wear undies and refuses to pee. ((sigh)) We have literally tried everything!!! Nothing works. Treats, stickers, happy dances....nothing! We have bought him his favorite undies...Spongebob! No go. I have tried just not putting diapers on him, but he has meltdowns. He hates being naked, weird, I know! He likes the feel of diapers, he says. What can I do?!?! NOTHING?!?! HELP!!!!!!!!

September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

September 22, 2009


My kid can totally talk!!!

She said BUTTERFLY!!! GO LOLA!!!!

September 18, 2009

I Can't Believe I Just Said That!

Things I've had to say to my son just this morning alone......

"Lex, please stop trying to fart in the tub, you might poop instead."
"No, Lola does no want you to pick her nose."
"Stop trying to stick that up Lola's nose NOW!"
"Put down the tampon please."
"Lex, you can and you will, your feet aren't broken."
"Lex, Mommy does not want you feeding Chewy's but.....cause it's not hungry and it's not ok!"
"My gawd, boy!!! How many times do I have to tell you NOT to chase Chewy with your butt!"
"Stop trying to force feed that ball your sister!!"
"Lex, Mommy does not want you to put your face in her butt"

The list goes on and on......he's a handful and a half this morning, to say the least. I'm completely exhausted. x_x He's lucky he's so damn cute....

Lola, on the other hand has been an Angel!! She slept all night until 8:30 and is napping right now!!! We're very lucky she's so good, I don't think we could handle another child as busy as Lex. BLAH!!!!!!!

September 11, 2009

Oh Gawd....HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lola is fighting nap/bedtime. -_- I'm talking about fits and tears and clutching onto me as tight as she can.....what does she think she's going to miss? NOTHING!!! There is nothing going on that she needs to be a part of. She was laying on the floor half asleep with her whoobie in her mouth, so I picked her up and she was all smiles until she saw where we were going. It's a nightmare!!! I do NOT want to have a fight on my hands every night and every nap time. I guess it's a phase, right? Sure! SO lately I've just been singing to her, kissing her and then gently laying her down....then I RUN!!!!!!!! She always falls RIGHT to sleep, too, so I know she's tired. ((sigh)) I'm hoping that it doesn't get worse. O_O

September 10, 2009

My Son......The Poser

Not the bad kind of poser, the GOOD kind!!!!! :D See?

He only poses for his Daddy like that. And his clothing of choice always cracks me up!!! He dresses himself now. LOL!! Love the rain boots.

September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

September 8, 2009

Kids & Travel

Lex loves it, Raven sleeps through it and Lola hates it. -_- She does NOT like to be in her carseat for more than an hour. She likes her routine, she likes her bed, she likes her house and doesn't want to leave it. Hmmm.......sounds like me. LOL!!! Our family vacation was great, the ride down, not so much. She cried, she screamed, nothing helped, she couldn't sleep, she was miserable. Then we got to the cabin and she was fine. But every time we went to get in the car she wasn't happy. -_- Being out was fine, the ride, not so much. ((sigh)) So we decided that one of use would fly down with her and one would fly back home with her if we decided to go back to Gatlinburg next year. I don't see her being happy about it at 2 if she's not happy about it at 1. She was a happy girl most of the time though.......

despite the 8 teeth she has coming in. o_O