September 30, 2014

I Did What I Said I Wouldn't Do.......

I did it. I bought my son a cell phone. I have a really good reason though!!! We don't have a home phone, so if something happens my kids have no way of getting in touch with me. What could possibly happen?? Their dad watches them while I work, he's almost 50!! Anything could happen!! Ok, not just that, but what if there's a fire? What if they're out with their dad and get separated? What if, god forbid, their dad has a heart attack or gets sick? They need a way to get a hold of me, or the police, or an ambulance. And they had no way of doing that before since we don't have a home phone. So I bought Lex a phone.  He does not take it to school though! Not yet. Well save that for when he's in middle school. Of course, Lola is allowed to use it if she wants to or needs to tell me something absolutely very important. :) It's cute, actually. Lex sends me text messages while he's with his dad, and I respond with kitten pictures. It's great. Somehow though, this has turned into Lex needing deodorant now as well, because, you know, he's now a man with his own phone. ;)


September 24, 2014

Trying.....Trying So Hard

It's been a very tough few weeks for me. I just can't seem to get ahead. I am walking around in a daze, over sleeping, making my kids late for school and you know, I just don't feel like myself. I had a panic attack last week and the groomer in the shop thought I was having a heart attack. "You know, Nina, 40 is not too young to have a heart attack",  "You're freaking me out, Lynda!!! Go away!!!" I didn't yell that, but I wanted to. So I did some "research", meaning I googled heart attack. Not a heart attack, just a good 'ol fashioned panic attack. Man that was so scary.  I don't like blaming others for my problems, but this is all the teenager's fault. As much as I want to help her, see her succeed, be a great mom to her daughter, I just can't deal with her drama. You see, my life is a drama free zone. I'm 40, not 20, I don't need nor do I want that shit around me. And boy is her life nothing but drama. She feeds off of it. So, as much as it pains me to do this, I am cutting my daughter out of my life until she can get her shit together. I will not drive 45 minutes out there to take her shopping. I will not buy her daughter anymore clothes because her ex-boyfriend is a POS and refuses to give her the baby's clothes. I will not lose one more nights sleep because of her. She has chosen this path, she can walk it alone.

I know what you're thinking...."What a terrible mother! You never turn your back on your child! Ever!" Just shut up. Some times tough love is the best way to go. I'm making her do this on her own. She has got to do it. I refuse to help her. That child has put me through hell the past 5 years and I just won't deal with it anymore. Once it started affecting my health, it's time for me to go. So yeah, I'm leaving her to her own devices. I'm letting her figure it out on her own, because there is only so much I can do. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. I'm done here.


September 16, 2014

Starting Off The School Year With A BANG!

Turns out that my wonderful, adorable, so well behaved angelic children, are just plain children after all. Noisy, talkative, interrupting children. Both of them have been getting into trouble at school. Lex actually had to call me yesterday to explain what he had done and to let me know his card was now on yellow. They do the card system, start off on green and red means real trouble. Lo has been on red twice now. -_- It's "not her fault though!", she just has to blurt out the answer because the teacher won't pick her. Unbelievable. And Lex? Lex got in trouble because he yelled at a friend who kept telling him to eat paper, and he didn't want to eat paper, so he yelled at her. Yes, HER. A girl. It's starting already. It is way too soon for girls to be going after my son! Hussie's better back off.

Lo. She just can't help herself. She's always right and everyone needs to know it, and she will make sure they do whether they want to or not!! Damn it! We've had a talk about self control and raising our hand when the teacher asks a question. I think she got it. We'll see. In the meantime I'm just going to go sit quietly and watch the show.

The Mom~

September 5, 2014

The First Month Is Always The Hardest

School has started. We have been trying so hard to get back into a routine. It isn't easy, especially when we have to be up and out an hour earlier to drop Lex off at middle school. For now the 3rd graders go to the middle school until the new school is finished, which means school starts at 8 for him, and 9 for Lola. That one hour gap is killing me. I'm still trying to find a schedule that works for us. I'm up at 6am every morning, making coffee, lunches, getting their clothes ready and they're bags all set. Bedtime is tough. On one hand I know they should be in bed by 8, but I like the quiet hour after dinner where we sit and watch something together, or read books, or just hang out. I just can't get them to bed by 9. We're working on it. The first month really is the hardest.

Lex started the 3rd grade and he seems to have grown up on me over the summer. He just....looks older, more mature. I'm loving that he still holds my hand and wants me to walk him to school and I even get a hug and a kiss!! In front of other kids!!!! So awesome. :) I'm so proud of the young man he's becoming.

Lola, my 1st grader!! She's sooooooooo excited about school, and having her very own desk! That was the one thing she really looked forward to. Such a simple thing, but it makes her so happy. She loves her class, she loves her teacher, she loves her desk, she loves that I can now braid her hair like Anna's from Frozen, she loves home lunch, she loves her new friends, she loves when I walk her to school, she loves sleep, she loves SunChips, but most of all, she loves donut fridays!! Every Friday I get donuts for breakfast. I know, I know....not healthy. Whatever. It's fun and they love it! Lola starts dance next week. They have a free class tomorrow and she is super excited about going. I mean super excited. She's been telling everyone about it. It seems like yesterday I was holding a not so little baby in my arms, and now I have a little girl growing into a wonderful young lady. I'm good with that.