July 29, 2009

Day #6 Of Early Intervention

I think Lola is trying to sabotage her Early Intervention sessions. She wanted nothing to do with what we had in mind. She screamed and screamed until I finally sat her down with the object of her desire (Raven's helmet -_-) and left her alone. She actually turned her back on us and played with it. ((sigh)) Paula said that Lola is a 2 year old attitude stuck in a 1 year olds body. LOL!! Paula was able to see just how smart Miss. Lola is though. I gave Lo Lex's bee bucket with is full of instruments and she went for her favorite one.....the triangle. After she found the triangle she rummaged through till she found the wand.....then she sat there and played it. Nothing fancy, just a few tinks then she put it down and clapped for herself. Too cute. Paula said...."Nina, she is very intelligent. You don't see 13 month olds doing things like that.". Yeah....I know. :D We're very proud of her. Anyway. Paula showed me a few things to work on with her. We have work to do today!!!!! :)

Other than that all is well. She's combat crawling all over the place. I can't sweep and mop enough. I literally sweep and mop everyday. It's awful. LOL!! Just the other day I had cleaned the floors perfectly, you could have eaten off of them, then Lo woke up and off she went to play. About 10 minutes later I notice she was playing with something on the floor. I went over and said....."What do got there, Sweetpea?" It was a dead fly. -GAG- She was just very lightly moving it around with her index finger. Thank GAWD she doesn't put anything in her mouth!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! She really doesn't. Ok, well, not small objects like dead flies. -GAG- She'll put a book, a toy or things like that in her mouth, but not small things. Again.....THANK GAWD!! So yeah....not 2 hours after cleaning the floors were they dirty again. Well....maybe not dirty, but you know what I mean. I clean and clean and clean as much as possible, because I just don't like the idea of my baby rolling around in dust, dirt and dead flies. LOL!!!

July 22, 2009

Day #5 Of Early Intervention

We are back with Early Intervention. Paula is home from Hawaii (-_-) and came to see Lola yesterday. Another bad day. Lola had to poop and couldn't. It was awful!! She screamed for 2 hours straight and it took her 30 minutes to finally push out the poo. It wasn't even a lot!!! Paula got here at 10:30 and saw the whole thing. She gave me a list of medicines that she thinks will help. I left a message for her pedi and hope to have a script for one today. Paula couldn't believe how bad it was. After it was over Lola was fine. Perfectly fine. She still didn't want to sit up on her own for her though!! LOL!! She was tired from the hour and a half of pooping. :( Lola is making great progress!!! She's all over the place, sitting up on her own, mimicking sounds she hears, eating more solids and so on. So yesterday she wanted to work on Lola pulling up on things to reach objects. She did great, a very fast learner. She hasn't done it on her own, but I want her to be able to by the next visit. Ambitious....I know. LOL!! As long as one of Lex's toys is on the stairs she will reach for it. :) We only got in 30 minutes of work, but it was a good 30 minutes. :) Paula will be back next Tuesday and I'm hoping everything goes well!!!! No pooping problems, fevers or anything like that. LOL!!

July 20, 2009

Lola's Trip To Boston

Lola had her appointment with Dr. M on Saturday. We were up bright and early and left at 7:15. I was nervous I'd get lost and boy was I right!! LOL!! We got there 15 minutes before the appointment though. The waiting room was full of little girls (it's more common in girls) who all had some form of vascular birthmark. Lola's was the only one, that I could see, that was big and on the face. There was a baby, about 2 months old, who had one on the top of her head, but it looked like a surface hemangioma, not a compound, which is what Lola has. The surface hemangiomas go away on their own, the compounds do not. BOO!! Anyway! We were called in and a very nice doctor took our information and Lola's history. She was soooo nice! Lola loved her. Then she left to give the doctors the information. About 10 minutes later we were called into the conference room. There were about 15 doctors in there, a few of them were from other states who came to observe. They asked questions and then wanted to look at her face. Oh my gawd.....she was not happy! LOL!! It took about 30 minutes and then we went back to the waiting room. About 5 minutes later another doctor came out who want to see Lola's face, it was ok because SHE was a SHE LOL!! Turns out she is the doctor who will be doing the laser treatment. YAY!! About 5 minutes later I met with the doctor who will be treating Lola, the doctor who will be doing the laser treatment and the pediatric cosmetic surgeon and another doctor who will be observing. I was so overwhelmed!!! They told me that it will NOT go away on it's own, the laser treatment is for reducing the surface hemangioma and after that is done they will surgically removed the rest. YAY!!!!!!! He doesn't want to wait until she is older, he wants to do it when she's 3. WOW!! AGAIN............YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. This will all be over in about 2 years. Scaring will be minimal and it will never return. ((SIGH)) I'm so relieved. :)
Let me just say that all the doctors were smitten with Miss. Lola!! LOL!! She's such a flirt. LOL!! We were only there an hour and a half, which was nice. The ride home was nice......just me and my Lo. ♥

July 16, 2009

Lola's Appointment With The Neurologist

Lola had an appointment with the neurologist at 9 a.m. so I had to get up at 4:30 and drive Kevin to work. Came home, showered, got Lola ready and off we went!! We got in pretty quickly, but the questions they asked took forever!! The doctor feels that Lola is making great progress and doesn't think further testing is needed!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!! WHEW!!! She wants to see her in 3 months to make sure she is STILL making progress, but let me tell you....she is making LOTS of progress and fast!!!!! :) So just a few more months of Early Intervention and I think Lo will be right where she should be. :)

July 14, 2009

Lola's First...

Lola had her first taste of chocolate milk today!! She kinda liked it. She didn't seem to overly excited about it, but she kept drinking it!! LOL!! And she is now fully sitting up on her own! Big day today.

Speaking of big days.......she has an appointment with the neurologist at 9 a.m. tomorrow. I'm taking Kevin to work and then coming home to rest, then leaving at 8:30, then coming home making an early lunch and headed back into to Boston to get Kevin. -_- Not fun, but it's gotta be done!

July 10, 2009

Sun Kissed Babies!!!

Every day that it's been nice out we're been outside!! At the beach or the park or just hanging out around the house outside swimming in the kiddy pools. And it's showing!! My babies are getting a nice tan. LOL!!! Lola was so white she looked like paper. Now she has a glow.....

LOL!!! She's so cute. And Lex....well, he's got some nice tan lines. :D I don't even wanna talk about Raven. She's naturally tanned all year long. -_- I'm jealous. LOL!! Anyway. We've been having a good time just hanging out. It's been a very relaxing Summer so far. I'm hoping the weather gets better. It was barely 66 yesterday.....IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

July 9, 2009

Peace And Quiet

I love my boy, I really do, but he is so loud and so busy and always hanging on me. Kevin took him and Raven to Red Robyn for lunch. More just to get him out of the house. So glad he did!! It's just me and Lo hanging out. She's playing with Lex's piano right now and just as quiet as can be. I love that.....a quiet child. It's a beautiful thing. Lex and I do all sorts of activities together, just so he'll have something to do. Painting, coloring, watching cute kitten videos on YouTube, playing (mushing it together -_-) with Play-Doh or various other things. He ALWAYS needs something to do. I hate the t.v. being on so I only turn it on to get something done, so maybe that's it? I dunno. I'm thinking that he will definitely need to be in pre-school next year. He needs it!!! The interaction, the play time the getting out of the house.....I think he'd love it. :) We'll see.

July 8, 2009

Day #4 Of Early Intervention

Lola was NOT happy. Miserable. Pissed off. The appointment was a bust. BOO!! Oh well. If Lola isn't happy, it just isn't happening. Another thing, I didn't like the new lady who came because Paula is on vacation till the 20th. She kinda annoyed me. Constantly talking about nothing really and the fact that Lola didn't like her at all just made up my mind. LOL!! Only one more session with her and then Paula is back. YAY!!! Can't wait.

July 7, 2009

Lex Is 3

That should say it all. 3 is a very tough age. He's in the "MINE!" phase, talking back phase and just being completely insane. He runs, he falls, he laughs, he cries, but most of all he is 3. Today we were playing outside with the nieghbor's granddaughters and they were running around being wild and crazy and then it was time for them to leave. Well, Lex was heart broken. He came up to me and said..."Momma, I wanna cry for two minutes. Hold me" -insert forced crying here- That's my Lex. He's sweet and loving and very kind to others. Then there are times like when he went up to me and said.."Momma!! Be quiet please! Your voice is hurting me!!" -_- Yes...he's 3. LOL! Adorbale. Love it.

Lex Loves Girls

It's the funniest ting to watch Lex get as close to a girl as he can to get her attention. He can't just walk up to a girl and say Hi, he has to make her notice him and them wait for HER to say Hi. Very cute. :) We took the kids out for ice cream yesterday and the cutest little girl was in line behind us and Lex turned around and stared at her until she said Hi. Then he was super excited that she ALSO got strawberry ice cream. LOL!! He loves himself some girls!! Ibetter keep an eye on him. HAH!