April 25, 2009

Stuck In The House

My Lo and I are stuck in the house today. BOOOO!! We had a BBQ to go to and then a bonfire. Oh well. We were able to sit outside for quite a while today. I have a redneck tan. LOL!!! Reminder to self....WEAR A TANK TOP NEXT TIME! LOL!!!!! Here's my beautiful, sick baby.......

She took a short nap thanks to my stupid dogs barking!!!!!!! UGH!!!! So mad!! I had wanted to take a nap, but then she woke up. Oh well. I'm not cooking tonight so I'm going to nap when Daddy and Lex get home. It's so beautiful outside today! I want to nap on my porch. That's the absolute best!! I love sleeping in the sun. :) Time for diaper changing and bath time, then maybe back outside for some fresh air. :) Here's one of Lex before I go.......

April 24, 2009


My baby is sick and they don't make a cold medicine for infants. -_- So I went to The Living Earth today and found something to give her. I'm just hoping it gives her some relief! The poor thing is all stuffed up, coughing, her face is swollen and she in pain. You can see it in her eyes, she's in pain. On top of everything else her Hemangioma started bleeding AGAIN! Poor kid can't catch a break!

April 22, 2009

So HARD!!!

Dealing with a teething baby, moody teenager, rowdy 3 year old and a crazy Mother all at the same time is wearing on me. I need a vacation. -_-

April 20, 2009

That's What I Thought!

I found a forum with tons of resources on vascular birthmarks and they have a section where you can "Ask A Doctor", so I did. I gave him a little background on Lola, her Hemangioma and the treatment we've been give so far. Here is his response.....

Dear Ms. B,
Thank you for the email. This is the type of lesion I would remove. It will almost certainly leave a scar if left untreated and the bleeding is an issue that should be dealt with. In my care, this hemangioma would be removed. The scarring from surgery is minimal and will be less than the scarring that will result if this hemangioma is left untreated. 
Milton Waner
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I started crying when I read that. That's what I needed to hear. Mommy will begin the pushing today. I refuse to let them tell me what THEY think is best for MY daughter. I can't wait for June the 6th!!! Hopefully one of those doctors will take her case!!!

April 16, 2009

Playing Outside

Every chance I get I take the kids out to play. Every morning we sit outside with the dogs and just watch them play and Lola and I watch Lex chase them. LOL!! It's funny. Lola is definitely and outside baby. Lex wasn't at that age, he preferred to be indoors and away from grass. LOL! Lola likes to grab handfuls of it and stare at it. She concentrates really hard, then just drops it. :) She seems to concentrate on everything new to her. Very curious to watch. It's like she's trying to memorize everything about that one object. :) Kevin says she's either going to be a detective or a scientist. HAHAHAHAA!!!!

I'm taking some time to let their bath toys soak in cleaner. Those things get real nasty, real quick if you don't clean them every day and then soak them every other day! We're going to the park later, as usual. Then for ice cream. :)

April 14, 2009

So Much Blood!!!!!

Lola scratched her Hemangioma open yet again! We've been keeping gloves on her (socks) and have kept it covered for the most part, but she's at the age where she can take the glove off and pull the bandage off. She does it all the time, therefore, she must be watched at all times. Kinda not easy to do, but so far we've managed. Anyway. She was sitting on the floor watching her favorite Baby Einstein, Baby Monet, and I was doing some reading. I had to go to the bathroom, really bad, and was gone for maybe 3 minutes. I came out of the bathroom and I could see her sitting on the floor and I could SEE the blood squirting out!!!!!! It was a tiny scratch, but in that 3 minutes she bled so much that I could wring it out of her sweater AND shirt! Seriously, it was a lot!! All over her face, her hands, her clothes were soaked and so were her jeans. I just picked up her, she was smiling and laughing. It obviously doesn't hurt her, but my GAWD!!!!!! It always makes my stomach drop and I start to shake. I took her clothes off and tried to apply pressure to it while struggling with a 10 month old. Everyone knows how hard that can be! LOL! I just sat her in the bathroom sink and let her kick and play in the water while I waited for it to stop bleeding. It took forever!! And I was home alone. -_- 40 minutes after this all started Kevin, my Mom and the kids finally get home!! My Mom took over while I made Lola a bottle and myself a glass of wine. -_- She fell asleep, I sat down and just relaxed. I hadn't realized that my shoulders were all hunched up the entire time until I sat down. 

Hopefully this will all be gone in the next year! It has stopped growing, thank goodness, but it doesn't look like it's going away fast enough. Her doctors say that if it hasn't gotten much smaller they'll start treatment on her. She has to be at least a year and a half before they'll touch it. They'll use steroids at first and then laser  treatment and then finally when it's completely gone they'll remove the scarred skin, if there is any. You know, if it was anywhere besides her face I wouldn't care. Not one bit. Her arm, neck, legs.....wouldn't bother me. But it's her face and we all know how other kids and ignorant people can be, and God knows I don't want to have to hurt someone for being an ass. LOL!!!! :D

April 13, 2009

I Have 3 Kids And I Still NEVER Learn!!!

Why do I keep buying my kids toys to play with when all they want are cords, my water bottle and dishes? Why bother? UGH! Lola has a million toys and only wants her shoes. -_- LOL!! The have little teeth marks in them now. SO CUTE!!!!

April 12, 2009



April 11, 2009

McDonald's Playland

That's where we took Lex today to play for a bit. We found a really nice, CLEAN one about 10 minutes from our house. It's great!! He really needed to get out and run. He can barely keep his eyes open. LOL!!!! Hopefully that means he'll sleep a nice deep sleep with no bad dreams or waking. One can only hope!

Daddy and Mommy plan on watching a movie as soon as we put the kids to bed. Nice, quiet night. :)

April 10, 2009

New Found Freedom, Boyfriends

Lola has found her freedom thanks to the walker. Have a look......

And Raven's boyfriend is coming to spend the day here with us. -_- Oh boy!!!!! LOL!!!!!

April 9, 2009

How To Trick A 3 Year Old

When a 3 year old ask you for blueberry muffins and you have no muffin cups to bake them in, convince them that you have blueberry CAKE instead and proceed to make blueberry quick bread. They have no idea. Problem solved. :D

April 7, 2009

I'm A Horrible Mother :(

I've been so stressed lately with my Mother staying with me and her problems. Then add a teething 10 month old and a very willful 3 year old and you have a disaster just waiting to happen! happened. Lex and I took the dogs out this morning and he was chasing them, as usual, and trying to kick them :( then he wouldn't listen to me and thought it was funny. I was seriously losing it at this point. So I let the dogs in and went to take Lex's hand to bring him in. He took off. -_- He took off anf ran to the fron to ring the doorbell. Not a big deal usually, but it was raining really hard and very slippery outside and I could see it happening....him slipping and falling down our hill. :( I got so scared and angry at the same time and ran after him to stop him. He didn't fall, thank goodness, but I was still angry that he didn't listen and took off. I spanked him. 4 times. :( I shouldn't have, and felt horrible as soon as I did it, but I couldn't let him see that just then. I put him in time out while I went to cool down and came in and hugged him, told him I loved him and that when Mommy says STOP, to STOP! No running away!! He was crying, I was still shaking and just feeling like a horrible person. We sat together for a few minutes, I held him and told him that I loved him SOOOO much.

Seriously.....I hate this. 3 is wonderful age, but it's so difficult. I need to learn to calm down, breathe and to control my temper. I hate, hate HATE spanking. HATE IT!!!!

April 6, 2009


I never, ever liked putting Raven in dresses, but Lola.....OH BOY!! All I want her wearing are dresses. She's just so darn pretty!!!!! 

April 4, 2009

Boys & Princesses.....

They just don't mix. We took our son to see Disney On Ice this morning and he was just not into it. He liked it when Mickey and the gang came out but that was it. Whenever the Princesses were on the ice he was like..."Eh. Whatever!" and wanted to do other things. ((sigh)) Raven used to LOVE going to all the Disney shows. We took her to almost every one that came to town. There were a few we actually drove into Boston to see. She was a lot older though, so maybe that's why. We always had seats in the front row when we took Raven. I told Kevin not to waste the money this time, get free tickets from his friend at the DCU center. Thank God we did because it would have been a WASTE to have bought front row tickets. WHEW!!!!!!!