September 28, 2011

ALMOST Wordless Wednesday....

I can't just not say something about the pictures I'm about to post, because, ya know, they are pretty damn funny. My son is now in Kindergarten and they're doing all kinds of work. He brings home paper after paper after paper every. single. day! So yesterday I open up his bag and take out the endless amounts of paper and start sorting through them. Then I come across "the feelings book". I open it up and I immediately let out a very unladylike laugh. Here's the first picture......

I don't even know where to start! That is supposed to be a "happy" person, but to me it looks like a troll wearing earrings. Or a spider. I don't even know. All I know is that it is creative and hilarious!!! And yeah, it does look very happy!!! Good job, Lex!!

This one is my favorite. The face is perfectly drawn to express the "sad" look. I asked Lex why he looked like he was upside down and he said "He's sad because he fell". Again.....well done, my boy!!

This is how I feel everyday. All day, everyday. I give this one a thumbs up!!

Now, I know what happened here. This is the last picture and, knowing my son like I do, he got tired of this project and just threw something down. When I asked him why this one wasn't drawn like the others, why there was no body, he replied "I was toooo tiiiired, Mom. It was boring me! Can I have the stapler now? I need to make something". There ya have it! 

He was at work with me yesterday for a few hours after school and, like always, he enjoys making his own projects. He worked on this one for about 20 minutes.......

You can't see it in the picture, but he had stamped the logo of the store all over the bag and papers so "just in case he gets lost people know where he belongs". Now, he spent a good 20 minutes on this and didn't complain once about "being too tired" or "being bored", he's an artist that likes to go at his own pace. :) 

Oh, by the way, since the Orkin Man never showed up and I haven't found a Navy Seal walking around my neighborhood yet, I've taken matters into my own hands......

Take THAT spiders!! YEAH!! On a side note, while I was searching for Navy Seal pictures THIS one came up. Ladies, you're welcome. I don't even know if he's a real Seal or not, who cares?!?!?!

September 22, 2011

Irrational Mommy Fears.....Part II

I've talked about irrational Mommy fears here before, but now I have a whole new set of irrational fears now that Lex is in full-time school. When I drop him off he has to walk all by himself to his line outside his classroom door. That's when I stand there and wait till he walks in and I know he's safe. Then it starts, the worrying. "What if he needs me and starts crying, then runs out of the class and down the street searching for me, all the while screaming MOMMY!!!!! over and over again?!?!" That's when I have to keep from crying my eyes out. The "What ifs" are never ending. I hate that I can't walk him to his line. I hate that I can't homeschool him. I hate that he doesn't really like going to school. I just hate it all!!! Another huge fear of mine is some kid losing his mind and taking a gun to school and shooting up Lex's kindergarten class. I know that's a bit much, but I think of it almost daily. I have to force myself to not think about horrible things that could happen to my kids. It's just an awful feeling and I know you know what I'm talking about. I actually try not to go too far from town, ya know, just in case. It's ridiculous. I am trying harder to have pleasant thoughts and to not worry so much, but gosh, it's hard. :(

September 20, 2011

Potty Training....Also Known As Hell In My House

Well, it's time. It's time for Miss. Lo to get with the program and kick the diaper habit. I am a firm believer to let your kids tell you when they're ready, but Lo is head strong and also not a fan of undies. She's a diaper fan. If asked if she wants to sit on the potty, she answers...."Um, no. Not today." then she saunters off to destroy something. We have had some luck this past week when she actually agreed to go diaperless and has actually peed on the potty. I'm consistent, every day when we get home from dropping Lex off at school I ask her to take her diaper off and then tell her to use the potty if she needs to. Here's the problem.....some days she flat out refuses to do it. She will take her diaper off, but then throw a fit to have it back on and she refuses to use the potty. I have no idea what to do about this. She is 3 and all my kids have been potty trained by 3 1/2, but I have a feeling she will be the problem child. And I tell you what, I am all set with diapers. DONE! I don't ever want to buy them again. So I'm a nervous wreck thinking about having her in diapers past 3 1/2. It just can't be that she refuses to use the potty. She knows exactly what it is and how to do it and when she has to go, but she hates it and has said "NO!" The other day she didn't even say no she just went and got a diaper and said "Here. Put this on me." WTH, kid?! I just....I don't know what to do. I don't pressure her, I don't insist she do it, I don't yell, I tried treats and stickers and rewards and well, she is just not having it. So I'm giving up. I will still pull the potty out and take her diaper off, but I won't fight her. I hope she decides to just do it on her like the other two. Because honestly, giving her a treat and saying "Good job, Lo! You're such a good girl!" just makes me feel like I'm treating her like one of my dogs and that's just no good. So feel free to leave your advice or dark humor or just tell me I'm not alone!!!!

September 12, 2011

Doing It All Myself....Without The Help Of A Man

This will be short and sweet.....the ex came over, he was a bit agitated about the whole divorce and worrying about this and that. The subject of me staying in the house with the kids came up and he said, and I quote!, "I'm not going to be living here but yet I have to come over and do all the yard work and such because there won't be a man around to do it". Oh no he didn't. Oh YES he did. First off, let me start by saying he obviously lost his mind for a hot second and probably wasn't himself. But then it hit me....he has always thought this way. For example, I have said numerous times that I wanted to mow the lawn or do the weed whackin' and he always said "No, no. I'll do it." My ex is insane. Nuff said. So I did what any hot blooded female would do. I went out and did what he said couldn't be done because "there wasn't a man around to do it". I weed whacked the shit out of my lawn. Take THAT ex husband!

That second picture is a picture of my hill that was covered in weeds as tall as a small child. Looks great now. Today will be spent raking and picking up all the branches and acorns that have fallen from that damn tree out front. ;) Damn I love proving people wrong.

September 8, 2011

The Busy Life Of A Single Mom......Or Am I Just A Slacker?

I know, it's been forever since I've blogged, and I am sorry. Not really. ;) I've just been so damn busy with life, kids, work, dogs and of course trying to catch a shower here and there. Just so you know, I did shower today and I'm blogging in a towel. Didn't want you to think I was a dirty blogger.


School has started. YAY! We are only into the second week and Lex already doesn't like it. He says "It makes me too tired. Uhhhn!!" Great. The boy would rather sit at home naked doing experiments trying to "blow things up the safe way". Just like his Mom. He makes me so proud. Another great event happened while I was gone. Lex went from this.......

To this..........

Yes, my baby cut all his hair off. ((sigh)) And yes, we donated over a foot of hair to Locks Of Love. I can't lie, I miss his long hair, but he loves it short, he says he's not hot anymore and never wants to have long hair ever again. Yeah, we'll see about that. I'm sure I can guilt him into growing it long again. ;)

The teenager.......where do I even start??? Over the Summer I "forced" her to go to a camp, a special camp for kids with skin conditions. As some of you know she has Alopecia Areata. She has lost almost all of her hair on the back of her head. She's able to cover it, which is great, but it seems to be getting worse. So her Dermatologist and I thought the camp would be a great thing for her to go to this camp. And of course, we all know Mom knows best. Turns out I was right. She had a blast, met new people and came home with a new found confidence. She was all fired up when she got back, saying that people should just accept everyone and be kind to one another. Then she took a picture of her head and posted it on Facebook with the definition of her disorder and said "Let's see how many of my "friends" are really my friends NOW". Good Lord!!! Talk about balls!!! She got a ton of. comments and the amount of support was amazing. Seems that teenagers aren't all jerks like I thought they were. She went to school the next day with a high ponytail showing off her bald spot and everyone was great. She said it was the "best day ever". Honestly, it just looks like a punk rock hair style. Pretty awesome. She's also a Sophomore now and couldn't be happier to pass the "Fresh Meat Freshman" title on to the next unlucky kids walking through the High School doors. Apparently it was "torture". -insert eye rolling here- Always the drama queen. I'm hoping that this is the beginning of her actually growing up. -fingers  crossed-

Me? What about ME? I'm still single and fighting one spider at a time. Alone. I've also decided that I no longer want to date the Orkin Man,  I want a Navy Seal. I'm sorry, but a man in uniform carrying a gun is just hot. And he could shoot the spiders for me! Niiice. I'm gonna get on that plan right away. LOL! In the mean time I will be dodging the spiders and trying not to scream like a girl when one jumps out of no where and scares the shit out of me. Gotta go put some clothes on now and pretend to be busy.