February 12, 2014

I Will Not Buy A Bird......I Will Not Buy A Bird......

I'm buying a bird. It's all Carli's fault over at Twinkling Along!! She started this!! She posted about her adorable, beautiful singer canary and now I need one. I have always had birds. They are easy to care for, small and not very expensive. So why don't I have one already? Todd. -_- Todd is terrified of birds. He is an insurance salesman and frequently travels to customers' houses to help them with claims and such. On one visit he says he was "attacked" by a bird. Whatever. I think one swooped down and startled him and now he's being a baby about it. I've been conditioning him on the idea of us getting one, because we are getting one. ;) Sorry, babe.


February 5, 2014

Not A Fan Of OPK.......Other People's Kids

I'm just not. I love my kids, my friends' kids, but I draw the line there. Most kids annoy me, not all, but most. You see, I never wanted to have kids of my own, but then the teenager happened, and I liked her. Then I turned 30 and Lex happened, and I liked him, too. Then Lola happened, she's pretty cool, I'll keep her. But other people's kids, well, I'd prefer to not get too close. I don't know why I am this way. I don't mean to be, I just am. I have a terrible time connecting with my bf's kids. Doesn't help that his daughter is terribly jealous of me and acts out every. single. time. she. comes. over! It's exhausting. His son loves me though and gets my sense of humor. Just like his Dad. :) One out of two ain't bad. And honestly, if I can be honest here, I really don't care if she likes me, she doesn't have to. She just has to obey the rules and behave herself while she's at our home. That may seem harsh to some people, but that is just the way I am. I'm not mean to OPK, I just keep my distance. just dawned on me that I am going to be a terrible grandmother.