December 28, 2009

Kids Are Very Bad For Your Self Esteem!

As you all know kids say whatever is on their minds and then some! I've known this for a very long time, almost 14 to years to be precise. My daughter was only 2 days old when she looked at me and then puked right in my face. She had to be telling me something, right?! I'm so ugly, I made her sick!! Then came the years when she was just starting to talk and she'd look at me and say "Ew!" or "Gross!". Made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Then came the years when she could really talk. That's when the real fun began. She would always comment on my grey streak and say....."Your hair looks like a witch's hair, Mommy!!!" or "PHEW! Your breath stinks!" and my favorite......"You have a BIG butt!!!". -_- I never held that against her because she would say more nice things than mean things, but still, they stung just a tiny bit!!! A real tiny bit. ;)

My husband is new to the whole "kids say mean things but don't really mean it" game. He's way more sensitive than I am and takes things much harder. Poor guy has been on vacation for a week and the kids keep saying mean things to him. They're not trying to be mean, they're just kids! Christmas Eve I gave him a new pair of jeans and when he tried them on our teenager said..."You got a flat butt!! But I don't mean that in a mean way! At least it's not fat!" O_O Our son, who is only 3 1/2, is the most brutal! All week he's said things to him that have kinda smarted but have been really funny. Kevin tried to take a shower with Lex to save time and Lex said....."Ew! Gross! You're gross, Daddy!! Get out!!!". Then yesterday Lex had to use the potty but Kevin was in there getting ready, so I just sent him in. Apparently Kevin only had on boxer shorts and Lex said..."Gross, Daddy! Put some clothes on!! Your legs are hairy!! You need to shave them!!" HAH!!!!!! So all week Kevin has been taking a beating from the kids, all except Lola, she can't talk yet. And again just an hour ago in the kitchen Lex got down right mean again!! A tube of chapstick fell on the floor and Lex picked it up, looked at Kevin and said..."Here, Dad. You need this. Your lips are old and wrinkly!" -_- Kevin just looked at me and said..."Well, this has been a great vacation." I couldn't help but laugh, but that's because I know that they don't mean it!!! They're still kids. You can't let it get to you or it will destroy a little bit of your self esteem. That's why I take really embarrassing pictures of my kids. Payback when they're older. ;)

December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas!

We are ready!!! Well, almost. We still need to wrap, but that's nothin'! We can do that in an hour. O_O Or maybe 2, depending on how much wine I've had. HAH! We have been buying things for a few months and kinda got carried away. We found two bags in the basement full of toys that we had forgot about. I might end up saving a few of Lex's toys for his birthday. Yes, it's that out of control! I'm thinking that next year we will make a list of 10 things that our kids really want and get just those ten things. I"m tired of spending all this money and getting way too many gifts. They just get bored opening them and then we're overrun with toys. Blah. I'm all set with that. I'd like my kids to remember their Christmases as happy, family oriented and just wonderful. My family has decided to not buy gifts for each other this year, instead we're baking and cooking, then sitting down to dinner and just spending time together. We'll take one gift for each child to open at her house, but that's it. It's going to be nice, I can't wait! Every year we would have to buy for 10 other kids!! That adds up! Even when we only spent $10 on each kid, we still bought a little more. We're done with all that. It's about family from now on. and food!!! :)

So yeah, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we're spending it with my sister and her wife's family. It's going to be sad because my SIL's Mom just passed away a little over a month ago. Very. very sad. I'm not sure how everyone is going to be. I hope they can find happiness with the family who is still here and remember their Mother for the beautiful person she was and not dwell on the sadness. Easier said than done, I know. :( I'm just hoping the kids have fun and I can't wait to see everyone.

I'm off to make my famous pecan pie!!!! Kinda hard to do with 2 little ones hanging around, but I'll manage. Kevin and Raven will be home about 7:30, or so. They're having Father Daughter day. He took her to see AVATAR in IMAX. Nerds. LOL!!! :)

December 21, 2009

Lola And Her "Car"

She is so damn cute!!!!

December 13, 2009

Mommy Likes!!

December 7, 2009

Day #13 Of Early Intervention

Well, we decided that I should try being there for a session or two with Miss. Lola because she was not doing a thing with Daddy there. -_- Paula came by on Thursday, we talked about Lola's evaluation coming up next week, yes, it's been a whole 6 months already!! I still can't believe we've been in Early Intervention for 6 months already!! And Lola has come sooooo far. :) Paula thinks Lola will need another 6 months because she is still not walking and her balance is way off. And to move things along faster she brought Lola this........

Yes, that's a walker and Lola LOVES it! When Paula first started telling me about it she was a bit weary, like I wouldn't approve of it or something. HELL NAW!! I LOVE IT!! The sooner Lola walks, the sooner my back can get a rest. ;) When Paula first brought it in you should have seen Lola's face. She gasped and then said..."Car!". Yes, Lola, that's your car. :D She got right up in it and started walking around. It's great!! Paula thinks this will help her with her balance and build up strength in her legs, which she needs badly!!! Poor kid's thighs are gigantic!! LOL!! She faces out with her back to the bars so it helps her stand up straight instead of leaning on it which she does with her push toys. They're no help at all!! This thing is great though!! We work with Lola every day in it and she's getting much better!! She gets right in and says...."GO!!" LOL!! We're working on turing now, but she isn't too good at that. Her balance is still off, which is why Paula wants to keep working with her. She's fine as long as she's holding on to something, but when she wants to turn around it's like her balance is so bad she can't do it. So that's next....balance, then walking! We're gettin' there! I am so proud of how far she's come and can't wait to have my baby girl walking next to me holding my hand. And my back can't wait either!!! LOL!!!!!

December 3, 2009


I swear the definition of "siblings" should be mortal enemies. -_- More often then not Raven, Lex & Lola all get along. But then there are days when it seems like all I do is break up a fight, pull Lex off of Lola, tell Raven to be nice to her brother, pull Lola off of Lex and so on and so on.....((sigh)) It's nerve wracking!! Where is my referee shirt? I remember growing up in a house with an older sister and younger brother and there were days when we would fight like cats and dogs. We're very close now, but it took 30+ years to get to this point. My sister would punch me, yell at me, blame things on me and threaten me. I would then turn around and yell at my brother, hit him, blame things on him and then he would pull my hair, kick me and so on and so forth. You get the picture. I never thought my kids would be the same exact way!! O_O Again....never say never! LOL! Raven fights with Lex, Lex fights with Raven and then turns around and fights with Lola. When will they learn? Never! Just this morning I had to yell at Lex for getting in Lola's face because I just knew she would slap him and she did. Then he hit her, then she hit never ends. At least Lola can stand up for herself now, unlike when she was a baby and Lex was trying to kill her. HAH! Not really kidding. -_- I don't like it when they start crying because they hurt each other. That breaks my heart. I guess I've got to learn to be faster, teach them better to love each other and not hurt each other. I doubt they'll listen, because I think it's bred in us to hate our siblings until we're at least 25 years old. LOL!!!!!!!!!