November 30, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving with my Sister and her family. I'm so glad we did, too, because it was really nice. We were actually early for dinner! That never happens!! We ate, we talked, we laughed and we had just a really nice time. Ok, besides Lola screaming for 15 minutes straight because she's scared of my niece, it was a nice time. Poor Keisha. She has Down's Syndrom and Alopecia  and for some reason Lola is scared of her whenever she sees her for the first time. :( It wears off after 15 minutes or so, but it's horrible at first. She is actually afraid of most people when she first meets them. Not everyone, just some. I dunno! -_- So after her meltdown everything was great. :)  We stayed all day, left full and tired, came home, had some drinks and went to bed.

Now...the night before Thanksgiving was all a blur!! o_O So drunk. I can't remember anything past midnight. So sad. I took pictures that I don't even remember!! Now that's bad! LOL!! That was the first time ever that we went out on that night. Hell, we hardly ever go out!! The first half of the night was great though. LOL!!!

Black Friday was spent at home doing nothing. I cleaned, cooked, ate and we hung around watching movies all day. My Mom came over so Kevin and I could do some Christmas shopping. We are officially all done!! Well, except the Visa card for Raven and stocking stuffers. She just wants money. We already bought her her new t.v. that she's been asking for. It's soooo nice!!!!!!! We bought her a 36" flat screen Plasma. She is in love!! I think she's watched Twilight like 20+ times since we got it for her. LOL!!! So just a few more little things. :) We have spent almost $1500 or more on gifts and we didn't buy much!! Things are so expensive! I am glad we started early this year!! Next year we'll start way earlier!!

Now it's on!! Christmas is comin' up fast!! I'm hoping we get lots of snow!! :D Sorry if you hate it, but December is supposed to be white, not gloomy and bare. :D I'm looking forward to watching Lex's face light up on Christmas morning, the smell of the ham cooking, watching Christmas movies.....just everything!! Really into it this year. :D We'll start decorating this week. I have to pick up a few first, then we'll get started. :) So exciting!!!!!

November 25, 2009

What I'm Thankful For

Yesterday was my "Day From Hell". You know what I'm talking about. The kind of day that starts off with a headache, a 3 year old talking nonstop (very loudly, I might add), almost falling and breaking your neck  while walking down the stairs holding your chihuahua and a glass of water, spilling water all over the floor, slipping in said water, tripping over the stupid baby gates, listening to a baby cry (not in a "I'm hurt" kinda way either) while trying to clean up the water mess, then having to clean up dog pee because you waited to long to take the poor chihuahua out because you had to clean up water, putting the chihuahua out hoping he poops outside and not inside, having a 3 year old break a glass, still listening to a baby cry cause she just knows your up and not coming to get her, then you cut yourself cleaning up glass, finally get around  to getting the screaming baby, only to have said baby slap you in the face, listening to a 3 year old scream at said baby for slapping his Momma, just wanting to sit down for minute but then realizing the poor chihuahua was still outside in the cold :(, decide that sitting down isn't an option and start breakfast, still listening to screaming kids, decide to make a special breakfast for the kids in hopes that that makes them happy, still listening to screaming kids, grab the iPod and plan on drowning them out only to find it's dead -_-,  did I mention the kids are screaming, decide to make pancakes, get it all in the bowl and crack the egg only to find the egg is's my last one, look in the fridge and see that the 3 year old has struck again.....the fridge is on the coldest setting.....everything is frozen, went ahead and made pancakes, sit down to eat and the baby spits it all out, the 3 year old wants candy for breakfast and refuses to eat, then you think that a bath will make it all better, put the still screaming baby in the crib while I clean the bathroom, then having the 3 year old climb in the crib and proceed to man handle the still screaming baby.....

finally get the tub clean, add the kids and I was finally able to sit down, then the fighting starts...."Stop splashing! STOP! SPLASHING! LOLA!!", more screaming, head still pounding, is it 2 o'clock yet?, then the pooping starts, 3 year old jumps out of the tub screaming that "the baby is gonna poop in the tub!", grab the baby, try to run out but 3 year old refuses to move, had to physically move the 3 year old who then gets mad at you for "PUSHING" him, did I mention that they have shampoo/soap all over them, baby finally poops, put them back in the tub, rinse them off then get them out, still crying, still haven't sat down, get them dressed and decide that it's tv time, baby is still crying, time for a bottle, baby stops crying, I need to use the  bathroom, come back to find that the baby had dumped her bottle out all over the floor and was playing in it, clean up yet another mess, then realize that the other 2 dogs are still in their kennel (oops!), take them out, come back in and realize that my terrier has a UTI and is bleeding all over my floor, clean that up, look at the clock and see that it is nap time for the baby (YAY!!!!), put the baby down, hubby comes home, I think I'm finally free and things will only get better cause I get to leave for work......yeah, not so. Work was just as bad, but that's another story for another time. WHEW!

Now.....what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful for patience, peace and quiet, hugs and kisses from my children, my cute dogs, my crazy cats and my helpful husband who is home this week, hand sanitizer, doggy diapers, my teenager's sense of humor, The Wiggles & Blue's Clues because they occupy my kids while I get things done, my friends who I can call and vent to, my health, the health of my family, my sister who gives the best advice, my brother who makes me laugh, Michael Fassbender's hotness, JustMommies for giving me a place to talk to other Moms with kids my age and for reminding me that I am not alone,  Little Animation for giving me a cool place to let my kids bang on the keyboard, and most of all I'm grateful to Barefoot wine for making it all better at the end of the day. :D

November 17, 2009

Half Drinks And Dirty Things.....Or What My 3 Year Old Thinks Of My 13 Year Olds Room

If you have a teenager then you pretty much already know what this is about. :) Yesterday, after his bath, my son was standing in my daughter's bedroom door saying things like..."Yuck!" or "GROSS!" or "SisSis needs to clean her room!". Yes, it was that bad. If a 3yr old  thinks your room is disgusting then it really is disgusting and should be cleaned ASAP. Let me go back about 8-10 years, when my daughter was just a little girl. She was so sweet, helpful, neat and her room was always clean!! No, I didn't clean it, she did! You can imagine all the wonderful things that were running through my head back then....."I'm so lucky to have such a helpful, clean child." or "My kid will never be like the other teenagers I know." or, this is my favorite...."I feel so sorry for all the other Moms I know, they're kids are horrible! Thank GAWD my kid will always be as sweet as she is now!" -_- So delusional. I had every right to brag and think she'd always be as, well, perfect as she was. She was! Sweet, highly intelligent, neat and most of little girl.

Then one day it all changed. She no longer hung things up. She started not making her bed. She would leave glasses, of whatever it was she was drinking, laying around her room. She didn't hang the towels up anymore. She left lights on. She stopped opening her windows. She started hanging pictures of boys on her wall. She put a sign on her door that says..."RAY-VEN'S ROOM!! KEEP OUT!! AND KNOCK FIRST BEFORE ENTERING!!!!!" -_- What happened?! Where did I go wrong?!?!?! I set out on a mission to find out all I could on this new breed of child living in my house......the teenager. Some of the things I read blew my mind!!!!! I could NOT believe what I was in for. At one point I just buried my face in my hands and kept saying......"I give up. I can't do this".  Then I called my sister and talked to her at length about her daughter who is about 6 years older than Raven. She told me things that made a lot of sense. First's all about them!! They're slobs. All they want to do is lounge around. Chores are well, chores, and they hate doing them. Anything that requires them to leave their caves is considered torture. Take nothing they say personally. They're the victims. "So unfair" will be in almost every sentence my daughter says until she's 20 years old. We parents are uncool and aren't allowed to talk around they're friends. If they come to you and say..."I love you!", they probably want something. And again......take nothing they say to heart, they probably don't mean it.

So when my son said to me yesterday..."Mommy, SisSis's room is gross. It has half drinks and dirty things in it.", I was not surprised. As a matter of fact, I just laughed. I did make her clean her room as soon as she got home from school though. :) As much as I'd like to control things around me, I have to remember that parenting isn't about control, it's about letting things go and picking and choosing my battles. Some things aren't worth getting angry over. Oh....and never say never!

November 13, 2009

Break Out The Referee Shirt!!!

My kids are already fighting. And I mean really fighting!! Slapping, pushing, shrieking and crying. It's kinda funny because Lola will slap and shriek and then bang on her chest like an ape. HAH!! I can't believe it's starting already. I had hoped I'd have until at least 4 & 2 till this started, but I guess not. Oh well.  :)

November 12, 2009

Stupid Time Change!!!

I am so sick of my kid waking up early. What happened to 7-8 o'clock?!?! HUH?!?!? ((sigh)) Even my Lola is waking up early, which is 7-8. That's way too early!!! The kids seriously need to get back on track or Mommy is going to lose her mind!!!

In other news.....I gave away my breast pump last night. ((sigh)) I dunno. I'm kinda sad about it, but I am glad I'm able to help a friend out. Debbie, Dominic's Mom, has no idea what she's doing. I also gave her the last of my Domperidone. That stuff was a life saver!! I had a hard time keeping my supply up for a while, but a few of those pills and it went right back to where it was. Love it! I'm going over today to help her out some. She needs sleep, so I'm going to take her little man off her hands for a while. :D I can't WAIT!!! I love holding newborn babies. LOVE IT!!

November 9, 2009

Welcome To The World, Dominic Daniel!!

My friend Debbie was admitted to the hospital yesterday morning for an induction due to her Fibroid Tumors causing some problems. The doctor said "Get him out. Now!". She got there at 7 a.m., got into a room at 8:00 a.m., hooked up, checked and started the Pitocin at 9 a.m., contractions started right away, EPI at 10:30 a.m., and Dominic was born at 2 p.m.!!! So jealous!! Her labor was fast!! And with PITOCIN!! Usually you hear women going hours and hours when they're induced. Not Debbie!! She pushed him out in 3 pushes. YAY!!!!!!! She said her husband cut the cord and cried like a baby. If you knew him, you wouldn't believe it!! LOL!!! So here he is. All 7.9 pounds and 19.5 inches of him....

I can't stand the cuteness!!!! I need a baby fix!!! Can't wait to hold him. :)

November 6, 2009

Kids & T.V.

How do Moms who don't let their kids watch t.v. do it? If I didn't let my kids watch Spongebob or Yo Gabba Gabba I wouldn't get squat done around this house. SERIOUSLY! I couldn't blog, tweet, clean, shower...NOTHING!! Nothing at all. My kids are so into playing with me that I can't walk out of the room without them following me. They do play quietly together when it's playtime. I turn the t.v. off to force them to play with the million dollars worth of toys we have bought them over the years. When I can't take it anymore and need to get things done I turn on the tube. My son is now at that age where he wants to "help" clean and it kind of annoys me. Is that bad? Yeah, probably. I just hand him a rag and let him use his spray bottle to wipe things down with. Then I point out that the t.v. is on in hopes that he'll stop following me. :D MOM OF THE YEAR!! LOL!!

But seriously. How do they do it? If my kids weren't glued to the t.v. like Zombies I'd get nothing done. Just look at them.....

GLUED!!! So I would like to thank whoever it was that invented the television. Thank you. My house is clean and I'm sane thanks to you. :D