June 29, 2010

24 Hours Of Peace & Quiet!!!

Please don't take this the wrong way. I love all my kids. They're wonderful, each in their own way. But there are days when I just want peace and quiet, and tomorrow I will get just that. My husband is taking Raven & Lex to CT for the day and night. It will be just me and my Lo. Can you hear that? That's me letting out a huge sigh of relief!! I love when it's just me and Lola. She's easy!!!She still plays alone for hours, she has very limited needs, she isn't clingy when it's just me and her, she doesn't whine, destroy things or talk back. I's going to be really nice. Really, REALLY nice. :) So I'll be enjoying my time alone with my "baby". We may do a little potty training. Why? Well, she's mimicking Lex and saying..."Momma, I gotta peeeeee!!" so I'll put her on the potty and she'll look down at her "privacy" and say "Pee!!" but so far we've had nothing. Doesn't hurt to try though, right? Right! So we're trying. Hey, I am counting down the days until we are diaper free!!!!!

So please, don't hate me when I'm sitting on my butt doing nothing but watching Lola play. :)

June 24, 2010

Hello Summer....Where HAVE You Been?!?!

There was a time when I wasn't a friend of Summer. I used to hate the heat and I loved the cold. But that all changed last year after we had a crappy Summer and a harsh Winter. I read this article yesterday about the Sun and solar flares and the end of the world and all that craziness, and they explained why last Winter was so harsh, it's because the Sun has been less active. Great, just great. So the Sun is now less active. I don't know which is worse....more activity or less activity. They're saying that more activity could actually damage the Earth, but less activity could cause harsher, longer Winters. Ugh. Why do I read stuff like that?!?! Anyway. Now I appreciate the heat. I embrace it. I love it. If it's going to be a hot day, I get my cleaning done early, get all the outdoor toys/pools cleaned, pack the kids up and we head outside. Gotta get it while we can. So this is what we've been doing..............

Doesn't get much better than that. :)

June 23, 2010

I Am Officially The Mom Of A High Schooler

My gawd. When did that happen?! Seems like yesterday I was sitting in the hospital room holding a tiny baby and wondering..."What do I do now?!" Now, she's all grown up and moving on to high school. -insertgroaninghere- I hope and pray that the next school year goes by smoothly. For her getting her foot in the door without someone smashing it to pieces, means a lot. She is so afraid that people will hate her, people will be mean to her and that is stressing her out more than anything else. Being a Freshman is not as bad as people and movies make it out to be. Seriously, it isn't, but trying to tell that to a hormonal 14 year old girl, is. -_- Why can't they just realize that we Moms are always right?!?!?

June 21, 2010

Dear Eva.......

I have never met you, but my heart breaks thinking of the troubles you have, and will continue to go through in your life. Being born "normal" is taken for granted by many. But everyday someone is born with an illness, a disorder, a diseases that medicine just can not cure. Eva Tiede is a 2 year old little girl from Kaukauna, WI, in desperate need of a service dog. Eva has a disorder that causes her to stop breathing at any time, without warning.

Eva had a wonderful dog, Tessa, trained to alert her parents when Eva stopped breathing, and saved her life on more than one occasion. Sadly, Tessa had a tumor the size of a soccer ball and had to be put to sleep three weeks ago.

The waiting list is usually 2-3 years long to get another dog. Miraculously, a dog was found for Eva in Canada. "Livia" has been flown into WI and is ready for her. The family will meet Livia next week. Eva's family is in desperate need of help to raise the money needed to pay for the service dog Eva needs to save her precious little life. THE MONEY IS DUE BY MID JULY OR ELSE LIVIA GOES TO THE NEXT FAMILY ON THE WAITING LIST. $3,600 has been saved by Eva's family. $5,000 is still needed to bring Livia home to Eva. Please find it in your heart to help out in any way you can. Be it by donating or just by spreading the word.

I was just informed that there is a miracle in the making.....


Amanda Tiede (Eva's mom) contacted me and said "update the blogsite" and went on to tell me she has been given an enormous donation today from an old friend.

Team Eva now sits at $4,500 towards their goal of $5,000!!!

It's a miracle in the making. We are in the home stretch to bringing home Livia for little Eva.

We're almost there!"

I know that times are tough, but if you could spread the word then maybe we could raise enough money for Eva to get her new service dog. Wouldn't that be great?!?!?!? Here is how you can donate...


Click below to be taken to PayPal's 'Send Money' link:

Use the following email address to start the Donation process:

Thank you for giving,

Team Eva :)

June 18, 2010

I Wanna Shake It Like Shakira!!

Yes I do!!! I've decided to take a belly dancing class. :D There is one starting in the Fall, it's a 6 week program with the option to move onto the advanced class. Love it! I've been wanting to take some kind of dance class for years, but I never found one that peaked my interest. Then I get one of those "Adult Night Class" brochure thingies in the mail and there it was.....BOOM! Belly dancing. :) It's a great form of exercise, and I can try and look good doing it. LOL!! I doubt I'll look this good doing it, but hey, a girl can dream...

Of course, the husband is all excited about it, but I had to tell him that it is not for him, it's for me. I'm looking for a different kind of workout to get myself back into shape. I'm doing "ok" with Operations Get Sexy, but adding some dance to it can't hurt. I just can't go to the gym. I can't. Won't. Too much money, not enough time and to be honest, the last few times I went to the gym I got hit on so much I just left. It's so stupid. SO! I'm hoping to at least be able to shake it like she does, even if I can't look like she does. LOL!! By the way, my husband loves her. He would leave me for her if she wanted him to. Not that that's ever gonna happen. HAH!

June 17, 2010

The Strange Things My Son Says

He is notorious for saying the weirdest things and requesting strange items, but this takes the cake!

LEX: "Mom. Call Dad and tell him to bring me home some Russian dolls and a gay piano"

ME: "What? a what piano?"

LEX: "A gay piano. A GAY piano"

ME: What's a gay piano?"

LEX: "The kind of piano you play"

ME: "Ok, Lex, fine"

I have no idea what he was talking about, I know he didn't mean "gay" but where on earth did he hear that?! I wonder what he thought he was saying? Please, feel free to chime in here!!

June 15, 2010

Early Intervention.......The Breakup!

Lola had her Early Intervention assessment last week and I was dreading it! I didn't want to continue on with the program, but I felt bad because Patty said she wanted to see Lola through until the braces came off. But she's walking now. Almost full-time! She has come so, so far!! After the assessment was over she scored above average in everything except walking/running/stairs, she's in a 26-30 month level except those areas. So why continue? What else could they teach her? Nothing, really. We picked up her braces on Friday and she hated them, but she wore them and did ok with them. We had to take them off because they were bruising the backs of her thighs, they'll be fixed on Friday. The only issue now with Lola is that her feet turn in. It's fixable and we're fixing it. SO!!!!!! After the assessment they said that her score was just 2 points below, which means she's still elligiable for Early Intervention. It was only 2 points though. Come on!! But Patty was looking at me with those eyes and saying what a pleasure Lola is and how she's like to see it through and I was jut very honest with her. I said..."Look, Lady. We're done. Get out!" NO, I didn't!!! LOL!!!! I was polite and told her how I felt. My exact words were.."I feel like Lola has come so far thanks to you and Paul and all your help. She wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for you guys and we're so grateful. But.....I feel like she is done. I think once the braces have straightened out her ankles she'll be set." WELL!!! Patty wants me to take a month off, think about it, see how she does with the braces and if she is doing well then Lola will be a graduate. But if she isn't doing well with the braces she would like to see her one more time to see if there is anything she may be able to help with. FAIL!!!! Breakup FAIL!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! I totally sucked at it. :D But for now, we're done. She's walking better and better everyday, she's smart, funny and in my eyes....she's perfect. get those braces on and off so we can move ON! I'll leave you with some cuteness..........

June 14, 2010

Who Knew Paper Towels Could Be So Inspiring?!

"You Can Bury A Lot Of Troubles Digging In The Dirt"

That is a quote from a roll of Bounty paper towels in my kitchen and boy is that true!  I've been going through a lot of troubles lately, my teenager, marriage, no time for myself, too much to do and no time to do it, money issues....crap like that. How do I deal? I head outdoors with the kids and I do some gardening while they play. Housework schmousework!! It can wait. Although it was crappy yesterday, so we were indoors and the cleaning is now DONE! Anyway! I've been using my yard and gardens as therapy. It gives me time to think, clear my head and get a new perspective on everything that's been going on. It's working, too. Then last night I was getting paper towels for dinner and written on mine was that quote. How appropriate! I loved it and went in search of who it came from. "Author Unknown". Well now I'm going to use it because it fits my life so well at the moment.

What marriage problems? Glad you asked!!! My husband has once again murdered our lawn. I say "once again" because this is the THIRD time. Anyway. He killed all the grass. Why and how? Why: he didn't like the "weeds". How: he bought fertilizer with added weed killer in it. If he had taken the time to read the instructions he would have seen the list of grass you are not supposed to use it on and then had he taken the time to find out what type of grass we had he would have known that he wasn't supposed to use it on our lawn. ((sigh)) So my time has been spent raking, pulling up dead grass, watering, putting down more grass seeds and crying. It's an emotional thing for me! I am seeing new green, so it's all good!

Teenagers. Are. Insane. That's all I have to say about my kid. She has lost her mind. In the midst of getting everything together for the end of school year concerts, dances and middle school graduation my daughter has informed me that she is depressed and has started to lose her hair again. She loses her hair when she stresses out. It has been so bad in the past that we've had to get medicine for it, so we'll be getting her more to keep it from getting too bad. And we've also started her back in therapy. She needs it. She's come to realize that her "adult life" is beginning and it's scaring her. She doesn't want to go to high school, she doesn't want to meet new people and she doesn't want to grow up. Sorry, kiddo! That's life and she has to learn to deal. Period. We'll make it through.

My Lo turned 2 last week. I wanted to do something special for her since we weren't having a party, because she doesn't like a lot of people near her -_-, so I set out to make a rainbow cake! I first saw this gorgeous cake over at a while ago and knew it's be perfect for Lola's cake! Lo's birthday was last Tuesday the 8th. I got myself up bright and early, showered, cleaned and got everything prepped so all I'd have to do is make the cake after breakfast while the kids played. It did not work out so smoothly. Lola woke up in a horrible mood and most of the day was spent listening to her cry about this or that. It was nerve wracking. All I wanted to do was run away! But, I didn't. I made the cake, cooked a huge dinner and we all sat down as a family, plus 1; Raven's boyfriend, and we sang "Happy Birthday" and then we ate cake. Done. That was it! That was stressful enough. Have you ever tried getting something done while listening to a 2 year old scream and cry all. day. long?!?! Not fun. Blah! Oh, and I'm changing my name from "MOMMA" to something the kids can't pronounce. It's kind of annoying listening to them yell "MOMMA!!!! MOMMMA!! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" over and over again. x_x Anyway. Here's the cake......

And here's Lola devouring the cake.......

HAHAHAHAAAA!!!! She's lucky she's so darn cute. -_-

June 5, 2010

My Son.......

Would be gorgeous if he were a girl........

But he isn't, despite what people think......

He is ALL boy! He loves bugs, dirt, jumping off random things and well, just being a boy.....

So don't let the hair fool you. He is all B.O.Y.!

But a very gorgeous boy!!