February 22, 2011

A Death In The Family........The Feline Kind

Our cat, Mina, became very ill Sunday. Actually, I'm pretty sure it started Saturday, but she stayed in the basement all day and I was busy with the teenager's birthday party, so I didn't see her. But Sunday morning I went down to check on her because her food was untouched and sure enough, she was in the very same place she had been on Saturday morning. Poor thing went down hill very fast. Sunday morning I brought her upstairs, made her comfortable and just watched her. She slept all day. Sunday night she got up, went downstairs to use the litter box, came back up and promptly fell back to sleep. About an hour later the teenager is screaming for me to help Mina. I walked in on my cat having a seizure. It was painful to watch. :( I picked her up, wrapped her in a towel and that's when I noticed the blood. She was bleeding from her girly parts and her nose. By this time it was late and our vet wasn't open. I decided to put her in the kennel with lots of towels and blankets and let her rest there. Monday morning I took her to the vet's office and she purred the entire time. The vet took x-rays and sure enough.....Cancer. It was everywhere. She suspected that it had spread to the brain even though she couldn't see it on the x-ray, mainly because of the seizures and nose bleeds. It was time to let her go. She was ready, very ready....I, on the other hand, was not. I've had this cat for 12 years, I got her from a friend who asked me to keep her for 3 months while she got settled in California. She never came and got her, so I kept her. She became family. The vet gave me some time with her and I told her that she was the best cat in the entire world and we would miss her terribly. I kissed her, told her I loved her and then asked the vet to begin. Mina purred the entire time. Her last breath was a purr. It was peaceful and quick and most importantly, she was no longer in pain. I plan on having her cremated. I want her with us forever. Crazy, right? LOL!! I don't care. She deserves it. :) One more picture of my beautiful Mina......

February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

For us, it's kind of just another day. We do sweet things for the kids, but we have stopped doing things for each other. We're over it. Well, I'm over it, that's for sure. I'd rather just go out and buy something for the house or the kids. :) But, like I said, I try to make it special for the kids. So today I made these.....

I got the idea from I have to admit, hers look better. LOL!! Didn't stop Lex and Lo from devouring them! 

Caution: the food coloring will turn your whole mouth and teeth red. :D Next up? St. Patrick's Day. I'll be making  four leaf clovers with green icing. FUN!!!

February 6, 2011

Is It Too Late To Trade My Teenager In For A Chihuahua?

My teenager came right out and asked me how long her and her boyfriend had to be together before he could spend the night. I could not believe what I was hearing. Had she hit her head? Gone insane? Grown a set when I wasn't looking? WTF was going on?! At first I thought she had to be joking. She knows the rules!! I'm strict!! So I kinda laughed out loud, then gave her the look. The "I'm dead serious" look. This is how the conversation went......

ME: "That would be a big fat never. I don't care how old you are, no boys sleeping over. Ever. Don't even ask."

CRAZY PERSON: "But XXXXX's Mom lets her boyfriend sleep over!!"

ME: "And XXXX's Mom has clearly lost her mind as well. Luckily I'm still sane, so that won't ever happen"

CRAZY PERSON: "What if I'm 18? You can't tell me what I can and can't do."

ME: "See, that's where you're wrong. If you're 18 and still living in MY house, the rules stay the same. No boys sleeping over. Ever. Feel free to get a job, your own place and then have as many boys sleep over YOUR place as you want....when you're 18, of course."

CRAZY PERSON: "I wasn't really asking if he could sleepover like tonight, I was just wondering if you'd ever let him"

ME: "Wonder no more....never gonna happen, kiddo."

I would like to know who in the Hell let's their 15 year old daughter's boyfriend sleep over?! And where does he sleep? Am I too old fashioned? Is this not something new? Because I can sit here and honestly say that I was shocked. So now all I keep thinking is......what's next?! I'm scared.

February 3, 2011

Breaking The Boredom

Since we've been snowed in we've played with just about every toy we have in this house. I was running out of ideas. Then I stumbled across a website called She has a cute site filled with arts and crafts and things to keep your kids from losing their minds. So I tried the iceberg painting. The kids loved it! We had to wear gloves because it was cold (duh!) but it was fun. It kept us busy for a few hours. :)

I highly recommend it. :)

February 1, 2011

Screw You Winter!!!

Caution: I plan on complaining a lot in this post. You've been warned.

We have so much snow and there's more coming. I'm watching it fall from the sky as I type this. My kids have missed so much school that I'm afraid they'll be in school till July at this point. Well, Lex won't be, but my teenager will be. They have missed so much school that I started thinking of ways to teach them from home. Then an idea hit me......why can't they do school via live video chat?! This is something I think would be great! But I seriously doubt all the kids would be willing to sit in front of the computer for school. Facebook yes, school, no. It's a good idea though, if you ask me. ;) My teenager asked me to never speak of it to anyone at the school. LOL!!!! What are you gonna do? They're thinking of doing Saturday classes, or skipping Spring vacation or just going all the way through till July. Ugh. Yes, it's snowed that much. There is no where to put it all!! It's almost to our windows. I have been out shoveling and the pathway I make for my dogs it past my hips. I was so excited when we had our first blizzard. Now I'm just over it. There is only so much baking, cooking, cleaning, snowman making a girl can do. I'm trying really hard to see the bright side of all this, but all I'm getting is white! WHITE everywhere. I'm way more than ready for Spring. I'm actually already looking for bulbs to plant, looking at raised containers for a vegetable/fruit garden. Some tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce.I want my gladiolas back, too. I want my yard to be filled with colors, scents and lots of sunshine. I'm done with Winter. I'm tired of putting on all these damn clothes. I'm sick of having my windows closed and not being able to air things out everyday. I actually just had to do that the other day because we're all been very sick. The kids were napping, so I covered them up real good like, turned the heat off and then opened the windows for 15 minutes. They slept through the cleansing and I felt  much better after finally doing it. My cat had a grand time sitting in the open window. Even she's ready for this crap to be over and done with.

So we will be snowed in again tomorrow. I'm running out of things to do with the kids! The kids are sick of the tv, sick of painting, sick of play-doh and there is no way in Hell I'm breaking out the Moon Dough. All set with that crap. I'd actually suck it up and not complain about the snow if my kids would just stay healthy. I'm hoping they've built up some immunities these past two illnesses. Because we all know how I feel about the fact that I can't give my 2 year old any kind of medicine other than Tylenol or ibuprofen. It's so frustrating. I had to take her in on Saturday because her fever spiked to 103.6 and I couldn't get it down even though I had just given her a dose of tylenol and  then 3 hours later a dose of ibuprofen. The doctor informed me that there is a very nasty virus going around and to keep a close eye on the little kids and if anyone starts sounding croupy to give her a call. So far so good! Lex and Lo have been sleeping a lot. They have been napping, which is unheard of, then going to bed early and sleeping later. Fine by me! I can't complain about sleeping babies. ;) I have been getting some pretty decent sleep since I've felt better. Last week was Hell though. No sleeping at all. So yeah, I'd deal with anything if my kids would just stay healthy. :)