November 8, 2012

I Think I've Got It.....Finally

One would think that finding a recipe for an all natural cleaner would be easy, but no, it was not. I have been reading, researching and trying to figure this all out. Not easy for someone with ADD, three kids and a job. I finally found a website that was written just for me!! They wrote it like they were talking to a 5 year old. That is exactly what I need. The website is called Keeper Of The Home. Head over and check out of some their awesome articles. Anyway. I found this place just in the nick of time, too!! Poor Lo seems to becoming more and more allergic to everything I clean with. I'm down to vinegar and water. And now the soaps I have been using on her are irritating her as well. UGH!!! It got so bad that I decided to stop using any and all soaps on her until I found something purely plant based. And I did, finally. I stumbled upon Dr. Bronner's soaps while looking for a Castile soap to add to my new all natural cleaners. I looked through all their soaps and found the perfect one for Lo. Now maybe I can bathe the poor kid and actually get her totally clean. :)