November 11, 2014

So Very Busy.....

This time of year is always so busy for me. I work more, I clean my house more, I go on a purging spree (sorry, kids, toys gotta go) and I am busy planning for the holidays. I have the kids this Thanksgiving, which means I am making Thanksgiving dinner, and I always make tons of food. I have an open door policy during the holidays, which means anyone can stop by, no need to call ahead. The way it should be. :)

My attitude is totally different this year than last year. Last year was very hard on me. I never really told anyone how I was feeling because I was so focused on "surviving" aka living. When my ex-husband lost his job it sent me for a whorl. We went from never having to worry or want for anything, to me spending my savings on trying to keep things the way I thought they should be, to make sure the kids got everything they wanted whenever they wanted. Somewhere along the way I lost focus on what was important, not things, not money, these things are not important. Family, love and happiness are way more important. Not to mention our health. I had everything right there and I was looking for something else. Isn't that always the way? But now I'm back, everything is the way it should be and everyone is still happy and healthy. So yeah, I am so ready for Christmas!!!!