June 30, 2009

Day #3 Of Early Intervention

This will be quick. Lola is simply amazing. Since just last week she has started combat crawling, pulling her self up into the sitting position and getting on all fours. :) Paula was very impressed. We're going to be working on her turning from side to side while in the sitting position. She hated it today, but I bet I'll get her to love it by next week. LOL!! Ok. Gotta run!!

June 26, 2009

Losing My Mind.....

My 3 year old son is driving me insane. Yesterday was awful and he woke up today in a much similar mood. Cranky, defiant, loud, stomping know, normal 3 year old behavior. -_- He's already been in time-out for trying to stomp on my foot. He's in his room with my iPod trying really hard to break it, I think. lol So, the question is....what is the matter with him? Why is acting this way? What can I do? I'm seriously at my wits end with him and his acting out. Blah. Anyway. I'm off in search of answers. The only thing I can come up with is growth spurt. Or just....he's 3!!! lol

June 25, 2009

Ok...I Think I'm Done

I really like her layouts, so I'm trying a few. I didn't like the way Yankee Doodle looked, so I won't be using it. This is a cute one. I like the little bird! The little bird is me. In case you didn't know. LOL!!!!!!! just kidding.

Lex is being difficult this morning. Somedays he's just that way. I think everyone, even children, wake up on the wrong side of the bed. -_- I'm hoping today will be nice so we can get the heck out of this house!!!!!!!!!

June 24, 2009


I LOVE this new layout!!! I just found this woman and she's great. I WILL be using all of them. This one is next come July 1st.......


HAH!!! Isn't she great?! Love it.

Doing Things The NOT So Conventional Way

I just finished feeding Lola half a jar of baby food.........we sat on the kitchen floor. -_- She insisted. I swear!! LOL!!! I'm thinking the highchair may have to go. I want this one......

Is that not the cutest thing ever?!?!?! I love it. I love the little animals on it, I love the color and I LOVE that I can just wipe it down! Nice. :) Now, to talk the hubby into buying it for her. hehehehee!!!

Day #2 Of Early Intervention

Paula was right on time and we jumped right into it. Lola was already on the floor next to her "toy box" (her old baby tub LOL!) and playing quietly with her things. What was the first thing Miss. Lola did? She leaned to the right, braced herself with both her hands, grabbed Paula's pen and then sat back up. She JUST started doing that. Last week she would tumble over if she leaned to the left or right, but today she's doing exactly what she's supposed to. -_- She also got on all fours, Sat herself up and kept saying "NumNum" then proceeded to eat a full jar of food. Again....something she NEVER does. I can't get her to eat to save my life!!!!!! Anyway. Paula was very impressed with the huge progress she's made in just a weeks time. She also said that she is very smart, so no problems there, we just got to get her working on chunky foods, crawling, standing and walking. OH! And Lola also grabbed my arm and stood up next to me. Again.....-_- LOL!!!! I'm actually happy to be made a liar of if she keeps this up. She'll be right on track with everything come Christmas, if not sooner. YAY!!!!

Today went very, very well and I have a few things I need to work on with Lo. I have to get those baby toothbrushes that go on your finger to help her learn to tolerate different stimulations in her mouth. She has a very sensitive gag reflex. Poor kid. LOL!! So I'll get one of those, work on that and then I have to help her get onto all fours, help, not do it for her. When she's in that position I'll show her how to rock back and forth. That's about it. I just have to keep encouraging her to go after things. Keep things just far enough away that she HAS to get it herself. Let the torture begin!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Just kidding. :)

June 23, 2009

Oh Lola!!!

I woke up at 7 to the sound of her playing in her crib. I got up, went to check on Lex, he was already up and wanting breakfast. So we went down, I got him his bowl of cereal, made some coffee and then went to check on Lola. She had fell back to sleep. :) I really love that sleeping baby. :D

June 19, 2009

Poor Lola :(

She is always so constipated. She seriously struggles to poop. It's hard to watch her in so much pain and trying so hard. I've done everything I can to help. Prunes, pears, apples, corn name it, I've given it to her. And she STILL has a hard time. -_- Poor kid. I'm hoping that now that we've started her on milk (half milk/ half formula) that that will help. I dunno! We'll SEE!! At least we're going to save SOME money. HAH!

June 17, 2009

Day #1 Of Early Intervention

Well, Lola qualifies for their program, which is a good thing. The woman who will be working with her is a physical therapist who specializes in children. YAY!! Lola charmed their pants off and was very good the entire time. :) She is right on track with all her fine motor skills, it's just the gross motor skills. Like I said!! They will be coming once a week on Wednesdays for 6 months. She is a fast learner, so they think she'll be well done by then. They were astonished at how smart she is. Watching her do everything she should be doing made me proud. I can't lie, I was nervous about how things would go. I was worried they would tell me that she is delayed in speech as well as her fine motor skills. Nope. She's GOOD!! :) I was so proud of her. Every time she did something right she would clap. They were all very impressed. HAH! Of course, as soon as we got on the floor Lola pushed up on all fours. -_- She is determined to make a liar out of me. LOL! Just by watching her and hearing a little about what I think happened they could tell that it isn't something she was born with, it's something that stems from that mystery illness she had when she was about 7 or 8 months old. Something they CAN correct with some therapy. ((sigh)) I'm so relieved!!! :)

So from now on I'll be doing once a week updates on Miss. Lola's Early Intervention appointments and charting her progress. I think it's important to keep up with it, so I can see how she's doing. :)

June 15, 2009

Gisele & Birdie...Thousand Birdies Giveaway!!!!!!!

YAY!!!!!!!! Very exciting!!! Gisele is doing a contest for a blog revamp. I've been wanting her to make me a design for the longest time, but she is a very busy woman so I have to wait. :) BUT, if I win this contest I will get a blog revamp!! WON-DER-FUL!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!

Early Intervention

They were very early, they came today instead of tomorrow. LOL!! That's fine. I was in my lacy black tank top and pj's. Oops! The lady, Karen, was super nice and didn't even care!!! LOL!! I was a horrible hostess, forgot to ask if she wanted anything to eat or drink. I'll make up for it tomorrow by baking my ass off tonight. :D

Lola was a total flirt the entire time. Karen was astonished at how much she can do for her age, gross motor skills excluded. LOL!! She was playing peek-a-boo with her, humming along to a song and if Karen banged on the table twice, so would Lola. :D She said there is definitely nothing wrong with her except her gross motor skills. She's bright, attentive and very smart for her age. HEHEHEHEHE!!! Yes, I know. Thank you very much! LOL!!!

So tonight I'm going to make a few different things. Maybe a blueberry pie, brownies and a fruit salad. I feel horrible about not offering her anything. My Grandmother probably rolled over in her grave!!! :/ I promise to make up for it!! I will be showered and dressed, the kids bathed and dressed as well. HAH!

Lola's Birthday Party

Lola's party was great. Everyone came, everyone had a great time and Lola ate lots of ice cream cake. :) All the kids had a great time, the adults were crazy, as usual and my house actually did NOT get torn up. YAY!! All in all it was a very nice day. Come pictures......

June 13, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow!!

We're having Lola's birthday party tomorrow!! YAY!! I'm so tired from cleaning all day. We finished up the yard and gardens. I plan on taking pictures later, just too tired now. Kevin is about to leave for CT. with some friends. They're going to a horror convention. BORING!!! LOL!! My Mom is here, she's going to be taking care of Lo and I'm going to have Lex with me while I finish up some last minute shopping. I refuse to cook tonight! I'll be going out for burgers later. :)

I really hope Lola has a good time tomorrow. She hates it when people tlak to her and try to hold her. LOL! There will be tons of that tomorrow, that's for sure! YAY!!! Lots of pictures to come!!!

June 11, 2009

Early Intervention

I made the appointment for Miss. Lola to be evaluated next week. They're coming on Tuesday to get all the information together and then on Wednesday they will be evaluating her. ((sigh)) Thank goodness!! We'll see how things go. :)

I'm An Idiot

I don't know why I let them give Lola THREE shots yesterday. I wasn't thinking. I forgot how hard they were on Lex. I should have remembered. She's ok. Just miserable. She STILL has a very bad ear infection in her right ear as well, which means she's in pain from that and the shots. ((sigh)) She'll be fine. I'm just hoping the Augmentin kicks this ear infection!

After our very busy day yesterday we took the kids to Chuck-E-CHeese. It was great. Hardly anyone there. YAY!! Lex really, really wanted to go and when we pulled into the parking lot he started freaking out! He said....."YES! SCORE!!! There it is!!!!!! THERE'S CHUCKECHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!" I haven't seen him that excited in a very long time. LOL!! He had a blast. I got sick from the salad bar. Shocker. LOL!!!!!!

June 10, 2009

Getting The Boy To Eat

I'll do anything to get him to eat!! I try to make his food more enjoyable by making faces out of things, adding yummy things to it and sneaking in the good stuff. When I make muffins or pancakes I always add flaxseed to the mix. I add vitamins to his juice and give him as much organic as we can afford. This morning I made chocolate chip pancakes. I always use Bisquick. I love that stuff! It may not be the healthiest, but it sure is good!! LOL!! I use the box, not the shake and pour. I half the recipe and it's just enough for me, Lex and Lola if she shares with me. I have to mush hers up though. :) Anyway. This morning I added lemon juice and baking powder to the mix, that makes it really fluffy. YUM!! Then I made a smiley face out of chocolate chips. He gobbled them up!! I just wish he'd eat more things. I try to make new things and put them on his plate and more times then not he'll at least try it. Can't ask for more! :)

June 9, 2009

I ACTUALLY Changed My Layout!!

I thought it was time for a blog revamp. I love it!! :) I am just waiting for Gisele to have time to make me a custom layout. Then that one will be my KEEPER!! :)

I'm up early with the boy. He woke up at 6:30 asking for some water. He's so cute. He called out to me, I went in to his room and this is how the conversation went...

HIM:: Morning Mommy.
ME:: Morning sweetpea!! Everything ok?
HIM:: Yeah. I'm really thirsty. -insert fake cough here- Could you PAWEESE get me a glass of water? Paweese?
ME:: Are you ok, darlin'? Are you ill?
HIM:: -insert more fake coughing here- (LOL!!) I'm ok, just thirsty. I wanna drink it here, in my bed. (-_-)
ME:: Ok, I'll be right back.

He's silly, but cute, so I got him his water and he drank it in his bed. :) That's what being a Mom is all in a little even when you know it may make a mess. LOL!!!!!

June 8, 2009

Daddy & His Lola

I think that says it all. The man loves his daughter!!! He came home from work and we were sitting outside just hanging out and when she saw him her face lit up and Daddy came over, held his arms out and that was that!! ALTHOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............Lola DID say "MOMMA" today!!! Yes, she did. It was glorious. Wonderful!! Perfect!!!!! I was outside working on my gardens and he was inside with the kids. He wanted me to see that Lo was awake so he brought her to the window, I did my usual "Mommy dance" for her and she laughed. He said he put her down and she started crying. He walked up to her and said....."Lola, what's the matter, hunny?" and she said..."Momma!! MOMMA!!!" O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was am proud of her. She said it again when I came in and she saw me. I love her. :) That just made my month. My no longer a baby is still a Momma's baby. :D

1 Year Ago Today.....

I gave birth to Lolita Ann Jolie. She has made our life and family complete. I still can't believe it's been a whole year. I'm just in awe at how much she's grown and how fast!! I look forward to seeing her grow, grow, grow!!! :) We love you Miss. Lola!!!!!

June 7, 2009


Is Lola's 1st birthday!!! :D Very exciting!! I'm sitting here looking for bakeries in our area who make ice cream cakes. She hates solid food, but LOVES ice cream. :) Can't wait for her party next weekend!!!!!!!

June 4, 2009

Big, BIG Boy Bed

We've decided to buy Lex a twin mattress and take down his crib/toddler bed. :( Wow. It just hit me. When we do this, all signs of Lex's "babyhood" will be gone. I can't believe he's 3 already and wanting a new bed. Yesterday while we were playing in his room he said to me..."Mommy, I want a big, BIG bed! Not this little bed. And I want my room to be robots." :) He's already deciding for himself. I think that's cute.So I'm on a mission to fins robot bedding and decor. He's going to love it!!!!

June 3, 2009

Lex's Turn!!!

Now Lex has an ear ache. :( Poor kid has been cranky and violent all day. He takes his pain out on poor Lola. :( He asked me if he could lay on the couch with me because he didn't feel good. Then he said..."Mommy, I just want to feel better. Make my ear better,please?" My heart broke!!!!!!!! I ran to the kitchen and got some Tylenol and ear drops. He fell right to sleep!! BOTH the kids slept for 2 hours!! That was nice. Kevin got to lay down and I went out shopping and tanning. It felt so good!!!! Came home and Lex said he felt a little better and Daddy took him for a ride to get a few things for the yard. :) I'm hoping we won't need to take him in, that's it's just allergy related because he was outside all day yesterday. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 1, 2009


She woke up at 6 and decided at 7 that she was NOT ready to be up and started whining. I put her to bed and she's been asleep ever since. She's just like me......she loves to sleep! :)