May 13, 2008

Sick....As.....A....Dog -_-

And so it begins. The dreaded 3rd trimester sickness. I think my baby hates me. Why else would she be sitting so high up that she's pushing on my stomach and making me want to throw up all the time?! You know, I'm done. WAAAAY done!! I just want to have this baby out! I love being pregnant and would love to have more kids, but as of right now, I'M DONE! LOL!! I was up at 1:30 this morning sitting on the toilet trying not to throw up. It was awful. The Lex got up at 5 AM crying for Daddy. He fell back asleep on the pillow next to me, but do you think I could fall back asleep? No. -_- So I went ahead and got up, made breakfast for Raven, made sure she was up and sat on the couch trying not to throw up. I know it's not something i ate, because we all ate the same thing and everyone else is fine. It's this kid inside me making things hard on me already. She better be a good baby when she gets here!!!!! LOL!!

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