April 25, 2011

Is She 4 YET?!?!

It's no secret that I kinda don't like the 2's, but we all know how I feel about the 3's. I despise them. I wish I could skip that age completely. At 2 they don't really understand yet and they're pushing boundaries, talking back and the dreaded "MINE!!!" phase. And then they turn 3 and all Hell breaks loose. It's exhausting. Lo has reached the 3's early. I don't even know what to do or say to her at times. I've had to threaten her with spankings! Thankfully just the threat is enough.....for now. I'm still holding out hope that she will be different than my other 2, but I doubt it. I'm not that lucky. I was lucky that she was a delightful baby that slept well, ate well and never cried. I was also kind of lucky that she was delayed in the crawling/walking phase. I couldn't imagine having 2 crazy children running around the house at the same time. Lex was plenty!! But I'm paying for it now. She's a hellion!! But a super cute hellion.....

Have I mentioned how happy I am that spring break is over and Lex is back in school? No? Well I am!!! They exhausted me last week!!!! :)

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The Animated Woman. said...

HAH! She is a super cute helion for sure. She looks like her daddy, therefore I'd blame him, hee hee! My second daughter went through the terrible two's from the age of 18 months to 6 years. And you already have a teenager so you know what's coming!