May 19, 2011

I'm Raising A Mad Scientist......Or A Future Bomb Expert

Lex has always loved hands on experiments. Now that he's "all grown up and a man now" he want to try new things. His goal for the Summer is to do experiments that "explode". He says "But don't worry, Mom!! It's ok. I know what I'm doing!!". Visions of my house in flames and the fire fighter's trying to save what they can flashed through my mind and right then and there I knew I had to do something. So we got him all kinds of science sets that are safe. A science kit that makes candy, another one that makes goo and dough and things like that. He likes them, but he still talks about making things explode. -_- More of a concern now is that he likes to sit with the iPad and look at YouTube videos on how to make things......things like laser lighters. No, I am not kidding. Watch the video! I was spittin' mad at my husband for letting him watch things like that in the first place!. I mean, damn!!! The boy is sharp and a quick learner!! Look at what I caught him doing the other day.........

That's right, folks. The boy was trying to open this battery to get what was in it out to start making his laser lighter. ((sigh)) This is dangerous. So not only do I have to worry about him blowing things up I also have to worry about him making a laser and possibly destroying the earth. Lovely. He's a cute little Mad Scientist though......

Ok, so I threw that middle one in just because it cracks me up. LOL!!!

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