September 12, 2011

Doing It All Myself....Without The Help Of A Man

This will be short and sweet.....the ex came over, he was a bit agitated about the whole divorce and worrying about this and that. The subject of me staying in the house with the kids came up and he said, and I quote!, "I'm not going to be living here but yet I have to come over and do all the yard work and such because there won't be a man around to do it". Oh no he didn't. Oh YES he did. First off, let me start by saying he obviously lost his mind for a hot second and probably wasn't himself. But then it hit me....he has always thought this way. For example, I have said numerous times that I wanted to mow the lawn or do the weed whackin' and he always said "No, no. I'll do it." My ex is insane. Nuff said. So I did what any hot blooded female would do. I went out and did what he said couldn't be done because "there wasn't a man around to do it". I weed whacked the shit out of my lawn. Take THAT ex husband!

That second picture is a picture of my hill that was covered in weeds as tall as a small child. Looks great now. Today will be spent raking and picking up all the branches and acorns that have fallen from that damn tree out front. ;) Damn I love proving people wrong.

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