March 1, 2013


Todd and I want to move. We want a place that is just ours. We can start fresh! We need this. And also, we need a bedroom with a door. The kids share the upstairs with us, but it's an old attic with a small room with a door to the kids' room. We had to get creative and hand bells on the doors and we turn the monitor on....just in case. I don't want to traumatize my children by having them walk in on us, you know, making whoopie or whatever you call it when you're a grownup. So yeah, the hunt is on!! We're thinking of renting a crappy 3 bedroom apartment for a few years then buying a house. I want a farm. I want/need/gotta have chickens. And lots of them. I wonder if Polish chickens lay good eggs. I'm going to have to google that! Ok, just googled it and apparently they do, just not regularly. And also, there's a whole message board dedicated to Polish chickens. Unbelievable. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is a Polish chicken.....

That thing is stylin'!!! Lex loves this picture. :) 

So yeah, life is good, busy, hectic and fun. We're doin' alright :)


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