August 13, 2014

Coming To An End.......Very, Very Slowly

Summer is winding down, very, very slowly. We aren't letting go just yet. The kids are still in summer mode, Lex is sleeping late, Lo refuses to get dressed and I'm sleeping as much. as. possible!! Soon our days will start at 6:30am, and end at 8pm. We are not looking forward to it. What I am looking forward to is our schedules returning to normal. All this floating around, being lazy and getting nothing done is driving me a bit nuts. I'm going to enjoy the last bit of it though, soon my kids will be older and want to be with their friends more and more, and will be home less and less.

Lo starts dance class next month. Just once a week to start, but I'm pretty sure that once she gets a taste of it she will want more. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a second job though. :) She's just so excited to dance dance dance!!!!!!! She dances around the house in her ballet outfit, dances when she should be in bed, and dances till she drives her brother crazy. Oh to be young again. :)

My middle child has grown from a little boy into a BOY. It seemed to happen overnight. All his adult teeth are growing in, he engages us in deep conversations about life, science and all things gaming. He's a very confident young man who isn't afraid to ask for help, and is quick with the pleases and thank yous. He stays up late watching videos on space, sometimes I have to remind him that he cannot stay up till 4 in the morning. He's only 8, not 15 yet. :)


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