September 25, 2007


I started spotting today, which means today is the first day of AF. It's light, but it's still there. woo.....hoo. Oh well. I guess I sort of knew I wasn't pregnant, but I was still hoping. What really sucks is that this makes 2 in one month. Yes, that's right.....two periods in one month. -_- Ugh. My back is killing me, which isn't normal for me. It feels like a kidney infection. I've only had one in my life, but I remember what that felt like. o_O I'm in some pain, but it's far. Hopefully it won't get worse until tomorrow when I can just do nothing all day. I'm at my friend's house watching her sick dog while she runs some errands. The poor thing is really sick. She's on her bed looking at me right now wondering why I'm not paying her any attention. LOL! I think she feels left out because she can hear the other 2 dogs outside with Kevin and the kids. I'll be upstairs keeping her company until her Mommy gets home~

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