September 29, 2007

So Tired~

It's started already! First it's all day sickness, now it's the fatigue. UGH! I feel like I could sleep all day. It may just be because I went with my sister to Logan airport to pick up her new puppy and we didn't get home until almost 2 a.m.!! -_- Kevin came upstairs with the dogs around 10 this morning, so I got up and made breakfast, but I was no where near ready to get up!! After breakfast I went upstairs to lay down for an hour and I just got up at 2!! I feel fine now, so maybe I just needed to catch up on my sleep from being so busy yesterday. I hope so, because I do not want to feel like I did this morning ever again! So from now on I go to bed early.~

My symptoms so far:

*All day sickness.
*My mouth is always dry and has that metallic taste
*My boobs are killing me
*Extreme happiness!!!


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