August 17, 2010

Why Do I Agree To Do These Things?!

My friend hired me to photograph her In-Laws 50th anniversary. Now I'm wishing I hadn't said yes. I have this thing where I lose all confidence in myself when asked to do things like this. Yes, I can take some pretty damn good pictures. Yes, I have an awesome camera. But am I good enough to be photographing such an event? I don't think so. She wants me to do it because A.) She loves my pictures and B.) I'm MUCH cheaper than anyone else. LOL!! Sad, but true. She wants me to have some cards made up to pass out at the party. It's gonna be a huge event. They have a huge family. Old Italian, lots of kids, that sorta thing. So here I am, I haven't even learned all there is to learn about my camera and I'm already hiring myself out. Ugh. I did read an article where one photographer said...."You can't "learn" to be a good photographer. Sometimes just shooting, shooting and shooting is the best way to teach yourself". I'm taking this as a challenge.......try and make this good so people will want more. I've started learning about lenses, my camera, the various settings and what will work best with this party. Tricky part? It's both inside and outside. Lots of flash. I'm not a fan of flash. I'll be heading down to the camera store to rent a few lenses for the night and see what they think would be best as far as flash goes. Ugh....this is work! LOL!!

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