December 10, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I am so ready for Christmas!! We've had our tree up, lights hung and the house is decorated for over a week now, Christmas shopping is almost done, just a few more things to get. And the kids are super excited to see Santa. I love this time of the year because it's magical. I think it's very important for kids to have fun, magical things to believe in. My teen used to love going to see Santa and tell him things she wanted. Seeing her face on Christmas morning was priceless! Even if it was 5 am. -_- I'm not going to lie, there were a few years when I was a single Mom and I couldn't get her a lot of presents, but she was always very happy with the little bit she got. And to be honest, Christmas around here is more about family, love and just being happy that we are together. I will be honest though, as much fun as it is to see the kids' faces light up Christmas morning, life without Santa is a bit easier. I'm always afraid of getting caught! HAH! I'm pretty good at covert operations around here and I've yet to be caught. -fingers crossed- I'm really looking forward to the cookie baking. We do that this weekend. I'm making little baggies filled with sweets for Lex's teachers. Cheaper than buying gifts and I think they'll like that more. Or they'll hate me for making them sweets. HAH! So that's our plan, or at least my plan for this weekend.....baking, baking and even more baking!! Wish me luck! I'll leave you with some picture of our awesome tree topper that Lex made us, my cute kids and of course my fabulous wreath I made myself. Yes, I channeled my inner Martha.

3 thoughts:

Delirium said...

Love the new christmas theme of your blog! Cute pictures. I'm all sorts of excited for Christmas.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thank you! I'm super excited, too. Mainly because my 2 littles are old enough to understand and I love that. :D

The Animated Woman. said...

I'm in love with Lex's pj's - I gotta tell Santa to bring me some of those. Your kids are totally cute. You sound very happy Nina!!