December 22, 2010

Preschool.......The Beginning Of The Never Ending Artwork

When Raven was in preschool she would come home every day with something new. I felt like I had to keep everything. It was all just so cute and hey, my kid can write her own name and knows the alphabet and can draw houses/animals/pets...blah, blah, blah!!! All the things new Moms think. So I kept everything. You can imagine where this is heading, right? Yeah....6 months into the school year and I realized that I in fact could not keep everything. Well, I could, but I'd need a bigger house. So I went through the bin of every piece of paper she had brought home and sifted through what I wanted to keep, what I would give to my sister and Mom and what I would trash. It was hard, I got all teary eyed a few times, but I did it and I had a system going. Let me just say's hard trying to trash your kid's artwork without them finding out. She found a few things in the trash and the drama queen emerged and threw the most dramatic fit ever. Doesn't matter, I had made up my mind. I would only keep Holiday arts and crafts, special art she made "just for me" and of course anything I thought was just too cute and I could not throw it away. She made a wind chime out of empty toilet paper rolls and paperclips. How could I throw that away?! I would not, however, keep pieces of paper with a few splashes of paint on it, nor would I keep her endless amount of alphabet writings. A to Z.....that's a lot!!! Done! Plan in place and believe it or not, I followed that plan all the way till now. Of course, the art work stopped coming home after about 3rd or 4th grade, so I was kinda off the hook. hehehee!! But now that Lex is in preschool the vicious cycle has started all over again. I'm just hoping he doesn't find things in the trash. I already have his bin started. Important/cute/sweet things will be store away for the future when I want to stroll down memory lane and look at all the things he made in his first year at school. It's glorious. I've been meaning to find Raven's box and go through it. I think I'll make the MAN go down there and find it. Too many spiders waiting to attack me down there and it will probably make me very sad. Having a teenager is tough and we've been going through some difficult times lately and seeing things she made as a little girl, before the teenager spawned, well, that would make me very sad. But that's something for another post. For now I will leave you with pictures of my son's very first Christmas program.  :)

And OH SHIT!! We did not get him a science set. Santa is screwed! Speaking of Santa!!! I just have to add this. I was over at Leelou Blog today and saw that she is giving away something great and fun! She's giving away five $10 gift cards to iCaughtSanta! It's a website that will photoshop Santa into a picture you've uploaded of YOUR Christmas tree, so it looks like Santa was really there. There are different poses....him putting presents under the tree, eating cookies or coming down the chimney. Some of the poses are actually pretty damn funny. So yeah, needless to say we will be doing that. How could we not? It's so magical and fun. The look on his face will be priceless!! 

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You won one of the gift certificates! Send me your email so I can get that over to you!