October 20, 2011

Getting Back To "Normal"

Or what is considered "normal" now in our home....

Making sure my teenager gets her meds every morning
Making sure the meds are tucked away safely where the teenager can't find them
Trying not to lose my mind
Driving my teenager to various appointments, either for her therapist or group therapy
Helping her deal with her emotions when she feels like she is out of control
Trying not to lose my mind
Keeping everyone as happy as possible as often as possible
Listening to my teenager cry in her room almost every night
Trying not to force her to talk to me
Waking up every few hours just to check on my teenager
Trying not to lose my mind
Listening intently to every word my teenager says
Trying not to smother her
Living life as best as I can

Things will get better, I know this, but damn it's hard to be optimistic.


3 thoughts:

Wastewin said...

Nina, everything will get better... Just be strong for your kids :)

Justin said...

I really liked "Trying not to force her to talk to me."

I think that's so important. Keep up the good work!

The Animated Woman. said...

Checking up on you. I've got two teen girls in the house at the moment. It's a bumpy ride. Hang in there Nina.