March 1, 2012

Officially The Mom Of A 16 Year Old Teenage Girl.......

Where do I begin? My kid is now 16. 16, people!!! That's a HUGE milestone!!! I feel like more of a survivor than a Mom sometimes though. Raising this kid has been tough, but so rewarding. She's taught me patience, patience, acceptance and more patience. We only had a small party for her at home with friends and family. She went to a sleepover at her friend's house after the party and I spent most of the night cleaning. Life has pretty much been the same since, except for the fact that she's now 16 years old and growing up faster than I ever thought. Looking for jobs, planning her future, talking about car dates (ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd!!!!) and focusing on staying on the Honor Roll. WOOT!! She's determined to "prove me wrong and get into a good college. See what I just did? Reverse psychology, people. She has also started talking to a boy that lives the next town over. He has a job. And a car. I am now rethinking that "You have to be 16 for car dates" rule. Should've made it 25. It's only a matter of time before she asks me if she can go on that dreaded first date. Alone. In a car with a 17 year old boy. We all know what 17 year old boys are thinking. All. The. Time. I am now going to end this post and drive to the liquor store for more wine. I'm going to need it.


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