January 29, 2012

Why I Refuse To Join The "Online Dating Club"......

Since I've been single people keep asking me when I am going to start dating and if I plan on joining one of the many online dating sites. My answer is this.......There is NO way in Hell I will EVER join  one of those sites. Ever! Why? Because they're all a scam!! Nothing but creepers on those things. Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh. I'm sure there are a few men on there who are actually looking for "Mrs. Right", but for the most part it's a meat market. Now I'm the kind of person who likes to know what she's talking about so I decided to make a profile and sneak around to see what's going on. And I was RIGHT! Creepers!! Some of the screen names alone are just horrible. 1Handsomemichael ?? Really, guy? Full of yourself much? This is part of an actual About Me section...


My life has been full of some pretty hilarious stories. A few conversation starters for our first date: ask me about the time...

An English mafia boss took me to an abandoned warehouse.


I almost drowned in 3-feet of water.


A fortune-teller from New Orleans nicknamed me the "King of Swords".


How I apparently lack the social skills to manage a wood chip factory.
That is not attractive. Not one bit. I think the last paragraph says it all. And then there's this guy....'


I once ate a guinea pig. I'm not sure why you'd want to know anything else about me, but there's a 200-character minimum, so here goes. 
There was more, but I was too stunned to read on. I just....I don't even know. And his picture was horrifying. God, I am so shallow. Now, this guy's headline actually made me LOL.....


my shirt is on... and its not ed hardy... be honest, have you accepted a date from a dude with no shirt on in his profile pic?

HAH!! Now that was funny. Ladies, please, do not accept dates from guys who do not have a shirt on in their profile picture. They're tools.

I contemplated putting a picture up with some gibberish as my profile just to see what would happen, but I don't know if I'm that brave. Yet. ;) So for now I will just stay single, never go on a date, because apparently every single man on the planet is on these stupid dating sites instead of at the grocery store waiting to hit on me in the produce isle. Life is so unfair.


4 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

..or on Twitter... or commenting here...

* The MOM said...

LOL!! Or anywhere else for that damn matter. ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was alone about refusing to do online dating.

Seemed so 'ingenuine', the fact that you pick your potential mate based on a couple of photographs and reading a short summary about them. I prefer meeting people face-to-face, getting to know them in real life and sensing for myself whethere there is a real spark or not between us.