October 12, 2012

And Then.......Reality Set In....

Seems like yesterday everything was "normal" and the biggest problem I had was "which one do I get the kids for Christmas? An XBox or a Wii". Now I'm all like...."HOLY SHIT MY EX LOST HIS JOB!!" My main source of income was child support, and now I'm not even sure when and if I'm going to be getting any. I am not working full-time just yet because Lo isn't in school and we couldn't afford preschool or daycare, so we decided that I would stay in the house and live off the child support until she was in kindergarten. Now it looks like we're going to have to figure something out. I know what you're saying right now..."Your ex isn't working, make him watch Lo while you work!". I wish it were that easy. He was in the radio business for 20 years and he was very, very popular. Right now he's trying to figure out where he wants to be, he's meeting with people every other day and he's working on putting together a demo to send out to radio stations and agents. So yeah, he's not just sitting on his ass. We're hoping he isn't out of work for too long. 

So for now I'm just trying to keep my hopes up and not worry too much. Worrying never solved a damn thing. I started working on my photography website last week. Very hard to do at home because my computer is trying to die on me. NOT YET, COMPUTER!! NOT! YET! After I get the website looking halfway decent I'm going to make up some cards to pass out. So yeah, anyone need a photographer? Will shoot for food. ;) 


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