October 22, 2012

The Not So Natural Mommy.....

I used to look at Moms that would make their own cleaners, cook like they actually knew what they were doing and think to myself "Ppft! Morons".....but then I became a Mom myself and now I do all those things. Well, I used to. I slacked for a while there, became cheap because I had to, but now it's different. Now I have to again. Lo loves taking bathes and naturally I scrubbed the shit outta that tub with bleach and other various trendy cleaners. Then she got a yeast infection and it was a bad one. We had no insurance, but her pedi was kind enough to tell me what to do without having to bring her in. They usually run their course in a week if you're careful and keep things as natural as possible. So I went back to using apple cider vinegar and water to clean. God I forgot how awesome that stuff works. And my hands are super soft!! Can't beat that! I found a website that lists all the wonderful things apple cider is good for. Here ya go.....enjoy!!


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