January 22, 2013

Contrary To Popular Belief, I Am NOT A Profession Zit Popper

I have three dogs, a cat and two fish who are immortal. My ex had two of the tree dogs when I first met him, so technically they aren't really mine. Chewy, he's mine. He was a Valentine's Day gift 11 years ago. My grumpy old man is all mine. I love his stinky breath and the way he likes to sleep right between Todd and I in the bed to keep us from touching. It's so cute. One of the downfalls of having a pet is that they get old, and things start going wrong. Like today, when I found something on his BUTT!! Looks like a hemorrhoid to me, but the groomer said it may be a cyst. o.O She wants me to put hot compresses on it to see if it goes away or bursts. OMG!! NO!! I almost threw up in my mouth when she said that. No way I'm forcing a hot compress onto my dog's butt!! So it's off to the vet's office in a couple of days to see what they can do for him. They're the professionals!! Let them pops Chewy's giant ass zit, I want no part of it. Ew.


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