January 28, 2013

I Can't Wait To NOT Have To Wear So Many Clothes.....

I'm over winter. Seriously, it can just be done now. I can't wait for tank tops, sandals and trips to the beach. I need sun damn it!! Not to mention I just need to get out of the house. Since Todd moved in I've gained a tiiiiiiny bit of weight. Just a tiny bit. O.O I started exercising again. I usually wait till April or May, depending on how warm it is, but thanks to Todd I'm having to bust out the ankle weights early. Thanks, babe. -_- Luckily he likes curvy women. ;)

So for now I'm busy trying to eat better, complain less, sleep more and workout every day. This is no easy task, I tell ya!!! I like staying up late, eating lots of food and then complaining about how tired I am and how bloated I feel. LOL!!


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delirium said...

You are seriously my favorite. I used to blog at 'a night like this' (the one you have linked on the side) and I stopped blogging for nearly a year. The other day I started thinking about your blog and thank god I found it again!