July 30, 2013

Kids, Kids, Kids And Ever MOOOOOORE kids........

Dating someone with kids can be tough. I've been with Todd for over a year now and his kids have been coming over one night a week for almost a year. It's challenging, especially because I'm done with the "little kid" phase. You know what I'm talking about.....the nose picking, tantrum throwing, thumb sucking, crying over nothing phase. My kids are waaaaaaaay past that! It's hard establishing new rules to kids who do pretty much whatever they want at their house. Sammy says jump, you say how high. Spencer cries, you coddle him. That shit does not fly here. You say please and thank you, no thumb sucking or using furniture as slides and trampolines. You cry because someone said boo to you, I ask you to calm down and tell me what's wrong and stop the crying. It's been a very long road but I think they are finally realizing that we have new rules here, and you follow those rules or else. Yes, I am that Mom. Before you go and say "OMG you're a monster!! How could you?!" let me just tell you children know how to behave, they are respectful of other's personal space and their belongings. They share nicely and listen when I have something to say......and I don't ever have to spank someone. Good parenting isn't about doing what's easy, it's about doing what's right even if it's hard. I have been parenting for 17 years and it is hard, very hard, not to just give in because it's easier to deal with than to "fight". So yeah, I am strict, but you know what, it works.


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