October 16, 2013

The "C" Word

I refuse to say it. I just can't bring myself to talk about the "C" word. Not before November! I mean, we aren't even through Halloween yet and I am already seeing the "C" word decorations up?! WTF is that?! Are we in such a rush to get there that we have to start in October? Poor Thanksgiving, you barely see any decorations for that holiday. I mean yeah, a few Autumn decorations posing as Thanksgiving decorations, but we all know what they really are. I think Thanksgiving should go back to the way it was celebrated! I loved that holiday when I was a kid. I wasn't much of a Halloween lover, I was a scaredy cat. It's true. I couldn't wait for all the scary decorations to be gone. That there was something I've never told anyone, because I am supposed to be a bad ass. We'll keep that a secret, k?

So here we are, October 16th, and we are already in full "C" word mode. Commercials, the stores have the fake trees out already and the decorations are blinding me as I walk down the isle to get my tampons. Something really needs to be done about this.


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