October 10, 2013

Ok, I Lied....I am SO Not Ready For Winter

I'm cold. My house is cold. My kids are cold. My pets are cold. And I refuse to turn the heat on. Do you know how many times a day I say "Put a sweater on!"? A lot! My poor kids are sleeping with three blankets because I am too cheap to turn the heat on. Well, not cheap, just frugal. Winter is coming and what little oil we have I need to save save save till I can afford to buy more. I wash all my clothes in cold water, I limit showers, I make sure everyone does the dishes the right way (my way is the only right way, if you're not doing it my way, you're doing it wrong and I will make sure you know it!) and I am not turning the heat on till November. I flat out refuse. But damn I'm cold!


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