November 22, 2013

My Kids Torture Me.....

Just look at this mess.......this shit is normal around here. My kids have the best imagination. They like to build, create.....and make messes. This was all made before school at 7am this morning. Before we left for school this is exactly what my son said to me...."Mom, please put plastic over my sculpture....and don't mess with anything! Lola and I need to finish this when we get home" WTF?? Finish what? There's going to be more?? I don't know why I'm so surprised, like I said, this is normal around here. I should be used to it. I hate messes though. Messes and clutter will be the reason I snap one day. I'm going to lose it over a pile of legos laying on the floor. Nowadays going to jail doesn't sound too bad. Three meals a day, sleep, I get to watch tv, maybe take up knitting. Hell! I might even get myself a girlfriend. For now I'm going to go clean up that mess. I'll cover the damn sculpture, but I'm cleaning up the rest!! I'll just say their Dad did it. ;)


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