January 23, 2014

I Am Not A Ginger......

Last weekend my bf took me to San Fran on a business trip. It was wonderful, not long enough and I am still exhausted, but so glad I was able to go. One of my biggest problems before leaving was my hair. I had way too many grays. I needed to fix that and fast, oh, and cheap as well. So I bought a do it yourself dye kit. The ones all the hairdressers scream at. I've been dying my own hair for a long time now. When you're broke, you do what you gotta do. Anyway. Twice now I've bought a color that is very deceiving. It says "Medium Golden Brown!!!!!" Bullshit. It's red. I've made this mistake twice! One would think I'd remember the box by now. Nope! This is the fourth time I've bought it thinking "Oh look at this!! I looooooove medium golden brown! Just like my hairdresser does it!!" -_- Not so much. I look more like a hooker clown who was drunk when she dyed her hair. My bf was all like " I loooooooove the medium golden brown!!! You should totally make that mistake use that color again! You look great!!" He's a not so secret ginger lover. Whatever. I ended up using a different color.....dookie brown, or something like that. grays were gone and that is all I care about. I do still have the box of ginger sitting in my bathroom. Maybe I'll use it and surprise my man tomorrow night. ;)


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