January 22, 2014

Slowing Down.........Going Faster

The holidays are over, the decorations are put away, the kids are still playing happily with the new toys they got for Christmas and my sanity has returned. Kind of. Now I'm in birthday mode. One, two, three birthdays all in the next two months. That's a lot, y'all!! I'm tired just thinking about it. I'm doing low key for Todd's 40th, just family for the teenager's 18th and I'm letting Lex's dad deal with his party. Hey, he gets to claim him on his taxes, HE can pay for it. I got Lo and the teenager. Fair!

I'm thinking about going back to school. I'm done raising babies, they're all in school, so now it's time I focus on myself and our future. I'm excited! Now, if only I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up, I'd be all set! Being a grownup suck.


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Heather said...

Hi Nina, my name is Heather. I love your blog! I have a quick question for you if you wouldn’t mind emailing me when you get a chance. Thanks!