May 5, 2014

I'm Too Young For This.........

I recently became a Grandmother. Yes, yes, I said GRANDmother. The teenager, who is now 18 and thinks she knows everything, had a baby April 19th. Or was it the 20th? I don't know! See? I'm a terrible Grandmother. Anyway. Her name is Myla Jean, aka MJ. I like being a Grandmother. Two reasons......1.) It's not my kid. I don't have to wake up with her, feed her, change stinky diapers or lose sleep. And 2.) It's not my kid. ;) I still get to cuddle her, hold her, love on her and then give her back!!. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Here she is.......

EEEEEKKKKK!! Squishy baby goodness!!!! I just love her to pieces. :) Lex and Lo are now Aunt & Uncle. They're in love with her, too. Especially Lex. He loves babies. Lo is a little too worried about her. "WHY ARE YOU NOT FEEDING HER SHE IS CRYYYYYYYING!!!!!!" She was a bit stressed about the crying. After we got home from visiting them Lo said to me...."Mom. I am never ever having kids. It will hurt too bad and I am not ok with that. I am not having kids. Don't ask me to." Fine by me, kid! :) <3


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