August 5, 2008

Great Night!!!!

Lola slept till 5 a.m.!!! WOOTWOOT!! Too bad I woke up trying not to vomit all over the place. o_O I have not been feeling well the past few days. No, I am not pregnant. No sex till birth control! LOL! Anyhow. She woke up at 5, ate and went back to sleep. I hope she's reaching the point where she needs more sleep, because Mommy needs more sleep, too!! LOL! I can't complain, she really only got up once a night, maybe twice. I had a plan to get her on track and I see it worked. Let's hope it does.

Her appointment is today at 4. You know what? I'm so sick of appointments. Our calendar is always full and I hate it! What a pain. UGH! I'm off to get some things done while Lola naps and Lex watches LazyTown

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