October 14, 2008

Horrible, Horrible Morning

Lex has hated me the past few days. He wanted nothing to do with me, he only wanted Daddy. He was hitting, kicking screaming in my was awful. I had Lola in bed with me and he woke her up with his tantrum. It was all down hill from there. I have felt like crap all day. I was in a horrible mood all morning but still trying to be as nice as possible to Lex because I felt guilty for yelling at him this morning. Some times the only thing that works with him is me raising my voice. I hate that. I hate that I have to scream at him, punish him, pop him on his bum or put him in time outs. :( He's giving the Terrible Twos a whole new meaning. o_O

I'm at work now, so maybe a little space will do us both a world of good. It hurts my feelings when he tells me to "Go away! Leave me alone!". I'm like....WTF?! I'm here ALL day with you taking care of you, trying my best and here he is not wanting me around. ((SIGH)) I'm sure things will get better soon. It's to be expected, but I thought we were in the clear after Lola was born. He took to her pretty well, and still loved me dearly. Now he wants NOTHING to do with me. NOTHING!!! :( I just want my sweet, little boy back. NOW!

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