October 28, 2008

I Forgot....

Lola's stats..........

Weight:: 17 pounds o_O
Length:: 27 1/2 inches o_O

I can't remember her head size, but it's big!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! She's very well proportioned and she's much bigger than babies her age. :D That's our girl!!!!!!♥

She has been flipping over, by accident, more and more. She gets soooo angry when that happens, it's hilarious!!!!! Kevin and I were away this weekend and it hurt my milk supply but as soon as I picked her up she grabbed my left boob and tried to latch on! I guess she missed me. heheheheheeee!!! I've been pumping, pumping and doing even more pumping just to keep up with her. I might have to start her on formula soon if my supply doesn't come back soon. :( I was hoping to exclusively breastfeed her for a whole year, but our little getaway messed that all up!!!!!!!!!!! -_- KEVIN! I just love that Lola has no problem breastfeeding at all!!!!!!! She latches on and won't let go till she's done. Kevin and I laugh when she goes into "boob rage". "Boob Rage" is what happens when I have to tear her away from my left breast and put her on my right breast. That few seconds it takes is like TORTURE for Lola. You'd think she was being killed. LOL!! Poor thing. She loves to eat. :)

Raven and Lex are doing great. Lex has been sleeping with us because we were away and he wants to make sure we don't leave again. HAHAHAA!! I don't mind it at all. He sleeps late when he's with us. He slept till almost 9 a.m. this morning. NICE!! Lola, on the other hand, has been waking up almost every 2 hours screaming. :( I think she has thrush. She has a few tiny white spots on the tip of her tongue and I'm pretty sure they hurt her. She also sounds like she had a small cold/chest cold, she's raspy. No fever, nothing..........we came home and it sounded like she was getting over a cold. I don't know! If the spots are still there tomorrow I'm taking her in. We'll see. I thought that babies who were breastfed didn't get sick or have things like that happen? WTF?! Anyway.

Weightloss........... -_- I don't even want to talk about it. I was SOOOO lucky with Raven and Lex, SO lucky....not so much with Lola. The weird thing is, I lost ALL the weight right after she was born, but then I put it right back on about 40 days postpartum. o_O WHY?! ((sigh)) Oh well. Yesterday was my first day trying out Jillian Micheals workout dvd, 30 day Shred. Yesterday was Day 1 and Oh. My. God. I could barely walk afterwards. My legs were shaking and my arms were aching. I could barely carry Lex down the stairs. That Bitch is HARD!!! I like it though. 30 minutes every other day until I can do it every day without shaking. I want to be able to do it with little effort. I want my strength back! I don't like being out of shape, and I am seriously out of shape. Not much longer though!! My goal is to be back to my normal self by Christmas. Kevin wanted me to do some body cleansing thing, in other pills, thank you. I don't need drugs to get back in shape. I want to he HEALTHY, no sickly skinny. I'll get there! Wish me luck!

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