December 4, 2008

Lola & Lex

Both had appointments yesterday. Lola with her pediatric dermatologist and Lex with his doctor for his diarrhea. Stupid Derm....had to go back to the old one because she's a specialist. The new doctor I found won't even touch Lola's Hemangioma until she's 5! WHAT?! Nop fucking way am I waitng THAT long! So the new derm called the old derm to make sure they could get us in AFTER 2 p.m. when Kevin is home. I made it clear that we can not do morning appointments and if they couldn't do that then they should refer us to another pediatric derm asap. They'll see her in the afternoons from now on. :D Being a bitch pays off.

Lex looks great other than the constant diarrhea that we just can't seem to shake. Gotta take a stool sample in today. Gross. It's outside waiting. LOL!! He did great! He let the doctor examine him and didn't cry once! My big boy. :)

Today will be spent making cookie dough and some light cleaning. Not much cleaning to do because all it is is maintaining. I super cleaned last weekend due to that whateveritwas that we all had. I wanted to make sure that the house was not only clean, but sanitized as well, and it is. :)

Gotta run. Lex is waiting. Speaking of which....I have GOT to get him his own apron. How cute would he be?! I need a new one as well. Hopefully I'll get that matching set I've had my eye on. ;)

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