January 19, 2009

I'm A Copycat. LOL!!!

Astro Parents:
Cancer and Capricorn

This is a classic case of the perfect set of parents, no matter which gender is born under which sign. Cancer personifies mother-type love, shown through a soft, nurturing attitude. Capricorn is the strict father type. Lessons will be taught and children will learn, if it's the last thing this tireless parent ever does! Both parents are strict; Cancer because of deference to tradition, and Capricorn because of reverence for respect. Both parents know what it takes to survive, and they easily allow one another to assume the roles that serve the family best. Cancer is the nester and Capricorn is the hunter-gatherer. Together they can build a solid foundation that provides for most of their children's material and emotional needs. This family will always be connected in one way or another, perhaps through a common business or career that gets passed down through the generations.

Astro Siblings:
Aquarius and Pisces

Aquarius and Pisces have different approaches, but similar purposes. It won't be too hard to get them to see this, but you'll probably have to help them a little. Both of them really want to make people feel as though they're loved and protected. Aquarius will work to do this by gathering people together and leading them somewhere -- anywhere! You'll probably get many positive reports about Aquarius' leadership qualities from pre-school teachers. Pisces' compassion is universal, and this tender child will absorb people's problems wherever and when ever they can be seen. If they work together, they may find a way to improve society through being compassionate and caring both on the individual level and in the realm of group consciousness. Their common vision will give them plenty to work on throughout their lives, and so they're quite likely to remain close friends.

Hmmm......I'll worry about Lex & Lola in a few years. LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! :) Interesting stuff, though. And fun when you're bored to tears.