January 26, 2009

OH BOY!!!!!!!

Here comes a tooth! It's starting to cut through! How do I know? She bit me. -_- Seriously......I will be ALL DONE with breastfeeding when her teeth come in. LOL!!!!! It hurt like Hell! She's only nursing 2, MAYBE 3 times in a 24 hour period, so I'll either pump or just switch to formula. I like my nipples where they are, than you very much! LOL!!!!!!

Anyway. She's getting HUGE! I'm going shopping for new clothes for her later this week. I'm taking her and Raven. Raven bras. -_- Ugh. I;m buying diapers, teething toys and cute girly jammies for one and bras for the other. ((sigh)) I don't want Lola to grow up!

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