March 6, 2009

Gross Motor Skills vs. Fine Motor Skills

Let's talk about Lola's development. Lola, as you all know, was almost a 10 pound baby and she's continued to grow BIGGER, not smaller. LOL!! Her pediatrician told me to not expect much in the gross motor skills at first because of her size. Boy was she right! Lola does not like to move around. She's good at rolling, but hates being on her tummy. She's good at standing if she's in her walker. She'll stand right up and hold herself up with her hands, but she will not stand up if we're holding her. She is really good at sitting up on her own though. She likes sitting up!! Now, her fine motor skills are excellent! She can grasp small toys, big toys and if we show her how to push a button to get a toy to work she remembers right away and will do it on her own. :) I'm in no way worried about her crawling, walking or standing up, that will come soon enough, then I'm in trouble. But she astounds me with the way she learns things so quickly!! I was holding her and showing her a new toy and how it works. Push a button and music and lights come on. I showed her once and she got it. If I sit her down in front of that toy she immediately will start pushing the button to make it work. Babies are amazing! She is really smart, but really lazy!! LOL! She'll be 9 months old in 2 days and I still can't believe it. She is starting to not look so much like a little baby any more and she's babbling up a storm! I think she'll start talking a lot sooner than Lex did. I think I'd rather hear her talk than see her walk. LOL! 

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