March 10, 2009


She has a new design coming!!! WOOTWOOT!!! I'm thinking of having her make me a custom layout. It's time I settled down. LOL!!

Anyway!! I'm loving the new found freedom that is formula!!! I forgot how easy it is, you know? So much time to just do everything else. And I don't have to worry about Lex grabbing something he's not supposed to have because he knows I can't get up fast enough to catch him. -_- It's so expensive though!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $27.00 for a large can is just ridiculous! Kevin got all excited because he found HUGE cans at BJ's, which is good cause Lola can eat! I'm wondering when I can start her on whole milk. Maybe at 10 months do half and half? I dunno, we'll see what her Pedi says. She can't even crawl yet, so I'm guessing we'll be waiting till she's a year old before going off formula. She still hasn't gone back to eating 3 meals a day. It's like starting all over again. She's eating breakfast just fine, but no lunch and dinner. I'm just going to take it very slowly. :)

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